Splinter Cell Conviction Co-Op and Deniable Ops Gameplay

Wow. You all know of my mega-boners that I get for Splinter Cell. Specifically, co-operative play in the Splinter Cell franchise is something that I will go off on a rant about, because of how much I loved the mode in Chaos Theory. Well, they’re bringing the mode back in Splinter Cell: Conviction, and I couldn’t be happier.

Up until now, all we’d gotten to see was a slick trailer for the mode. Now, though, we’re getting to see honest-to-goodness footage of the co-operative mode, in addition to Deniable Ops, which is more of an adversarial multiplayer in some ways. The coolest mode from Deniable Ops seems to be the “Spy vs Spy” gametype, where two players showdown in the midst of hostile enemy AI guards. The thought of that makes me a tad crazy, in the best way possible. Anyway, check out the new video and leave your thoughts.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is out on February 23rd, 2010. Anybody else jumping on this?

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4 thoughts on “Splinter Cell Conviction Co-Op and Deniable Ops Gameplay”

  1. Definitely getting this game!! I’d take this any day rather than the new army of two.

    Splinter cell co-op has always been awesome since chaos theory. Which reminds me…can it be give reincarnation of Secret Agent Bob and Steve????!!!!! (remember them from G4’s X-play?) lol Steve the Vagina hahahaha good times

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