GamerSushi Community Game: XBox 360!

OK dudes, we talked about this stinking forever ago, but we’re finally doing the deed tomorrow afternoon. Let’s all hook up for some cool time playing some games together, in what is hopefully the first of many such occasions.

For our first community function, we’ll be playing either Halo 3 or Modern Warfare 2, depending on what more of you guys have. We’ll be playing tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 PM CST, so check to see what time that is for you. And for you PC or PS3 dudes, don’t worry, we’ll be doing more of these soon. The idea right now is to do a PC one some time next week, with a PS3 one in the near future.

So here’s how this is going to work. Leave your gamertag here along with which of the games you have. Tomorrow, either Mitch or I will add you and then invite you to a game that we set up at 2:30 PM CST. I’d say just to go ahead and send me a friend request, but that could just get chaotic as I have to clear some room out first. Rest assured that once I play with you I will more than likely leave you on it (since you’re from GamerSushi), unless you are a total jerk. If it turns out we get way too many people, we’ll just set up another day for the ones that don’t make it in to the best of our ability.

If you are a PC or PS3 person, we’ll have a new topic up soon for you guys to sign in on and we’ll decide there what games we’re playing and when. Let’s do this!

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29 thoughts on “GamerSushi Community Game: XBox 360!”

  1. Halo 3

    Gamertag: adaminator1

    I think the time is going to be 9:30 a.m on jan 10 for me. Might be able to join in, might not. 🙂

    Just to clarify: on the site, the closest thing i can see to CST is CST6CDT. Is that the same thing?

  2. Wonderful.

    The day this happens is when i’ll be at a friend’s all day and night doing stuff with him.

    PLEASE tell me we’ll do another Xbox community day.

    May as well drop my gamertag though, it’s Myrmidont.

  3. I know its not my topic yet… But this makes me excited.

    If we do PC, we should do REAL CS (1.6)… Or I guess I could swing TF2… Havent played it in over a year though.

  4. gamertag: tf2master
    psn: rocketshift

    don’t get on psn much but I’m on XBL all the time

    I have both halo 3 and MW2. I have all the halo 3 dlc except for the stuff on the mythic disc that came with odst

  5. XBL: G1ebe. G one ebe. I have both games, so i dont really care, but theres not partychat for most games. Unless were playing a private game.

  6. CST is not the same as CDT, I don’t think. Central Standard Time, dudes.

    We’ll be sending these invites out in less than an hour. And yes, we’ll do another XBox one sometime soon.

  7. Awesome. Which game are we going to play?

    If its Halo 3, I don’t have the map packs. I’m poor. LOL.

  8. If you get a friend request from Pwnocchio, that’s me. If you want to jump in when we’ve already started, send me a request and put “gs” as a message so I know you’re from here.

    We’re about to send out the game invites.

  9. XBL: FPS Cliff

    Either game. But i don’t have the mythic disk. I don’t care which really game we play, i’m just looking forward to playing!

  10. My bad on the no show, i got my times mixed up. But now that i have a ps3, i can get into the next games to. as long as we don’t play anything really straining on my computer. CS source is about as far as it can go.

  11. Looking forward to the PC one. L4D would be a hoot. Especially if you can set up on of those crazy ass 18 player servers they have.

  12. they have 18 player servers!??!?! but I would say Better to stick with TF2 or CSS. Not CS 1.6 cause I personally dont have it and dont want to be hassled to procure it

  13. I think our primary options are CSS, TF2 and L4D 1 and 2.
    Yet, I think we’re not thinking outside the box.
    How about free Source MODs, like Insurgency and Synergy?
    Hell, even Smashball would be great!
    By the way, Eddy, is it OK if I go ahead and start a GS group on Steam?


  14. [quote comment=”9748″]they have 18 player servers!??!?![/quote]

    Yeah, community server ones. It’s how I got my all campaigns on expert achievement, they have campaign 18 player servers too. Only problem with them is, obviously, the lag. But aside from that it’s good fun.

  15. Oh sorry for the double post, but in-game, I remember Eddy asking me if the LOST game was any good. I could write up a review for it if you want. 🙂

  16. I had a blast, personally. We played a little Halo 3 in a few private matches where Eddy established his mastery over a game that none of us have played for a few months. 😉

    We jumped over to Social Big Team and cleaned up. We had a couple matches where some of us would jump in a Warthog and dominate the map. The highlight for me was the Elephant rampage on Sandtrap.

    We’re looking forward to the PS3 and PC game nights, and we’ll have more of each in the future. Stay tuned.

  17. It was definitely an interesting experience for me. I’ve barely played multiplayer anything, and this was only the second time I’ve even played Halo 3, first time online.

    I did have fun, but mostly I wandered around lost and died a lot. I’m still not quite sure how I “betrayed” three of my team members at one point…

    Whenever we do something for PS3, hopefully we can get in some time on Uncharted 2. I loved that game but have barely touched the MP.

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