Rumor: NBA Jam Gets a Revival

NBA JamBoom shaka-laka! He’s on fire!

If anyone knows those words, then they will be excited to hear one of the newest rumors circulating around the video game realm this week. Namely, that NBA Jam is getting revived by EA Sports for an exclusive Wii title. That’s right, the Midway classic that we played in arcades and on our SNES or Sega Genesis are getting the Frankenstein treatment, coming back to us in the year of our Lord 2010. Allegedly.

While details right now are scarce, it seems that there is a pending announcement that could hit later this month. I’m not sure if you guys ever even played this game, but it ranks among my top sports games of all time, and probably as the greatest basketball title that I can remember playing. I loved getting on fire and doing the crazy make-your-opponents-weep kind of dunks to get absurd scores by game’s end. Even though I don’t have a Wii, I seriously can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Does anyone else remember playing this game?

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4 thoughts on “Rumor: NBA Jam Gets a Revival”

  1. We have this game for SNES… Let’s just say, when the beer is flowing, there are a few friends who can’t resist slamming this in and yelling at eachother.

    Always fun.

  2. Is this the same game we’re thinking of where you can jump 200 feet into the air and slam dunk, causing the backboard to shatter? While on fire? If so, AWESOME.

    Also, I remember one time the ball got stuck on the buzzer, where it repeatedly bounced back and fort from the outermost part of the hoop and the backboard. We let it sit for a half hour before it actually got out of the funk and missed.

  3. Yeah i remember my brother rage quitting when i beat him! Im excited. Maybe ill finally get on my Wii. Even though this is unrelated, you just got “Space Jam” stuck in my head.

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