Gaming Pop Quiz, 2010 Edition

As you all know about our sweet little Internet cave that we call GamerSushi, we’re all about shooting the junk and really digging into gaming discussions, campfire style. This is a cool community, and as such we like to chat about what makes us tick as gamers, and how our gaming identities were formed. Enter the second edition of our feature, Gaming Pop Quiz.

Here’s how it works: We’ve come up with 7 different questions about your gaming history. As always with our getting-to-know-you type games, feel free to answer with as much or as little as you like. Obviously, some of these things you might not remember, but answer to the best of your ability. Go!

1. What was your all-time favorite system?

2. What is your favorite video game ending?

3. Remember when CG cutscenes were all the rage? Do you miss those, or do you prefer in-game cut scenes?

4. What difficulty setting do you normally choose to play a game with? Have you ever bumped down to easy to see the story quicker?

5. Is there a kind of game that would be your dream game? Describe it.

6. Which old school game do you get most nostalgic for?

7. What instance of a game has affected you the most emotionally? I suppose this can also include rage quitting.

Quiz away, bros.

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19 thoughts on “Gaming Pop Quiz, 2010 Edition”

  1. 1. SNES/PC

    2. Metal Gear Solid II

    3. I like CG cutscenes most of the time, there is more that they can do, plus In-Game cutscenes are usually disapointing due to lack of technology.

    4. Always start on Normal and then see how it goes from there. I’ve definitely played on easy to get through a game faster… I’m currently playing The Saboteur and it’s incredibly easy, had to bump it up to Hard.

    5. So far The Saboteur has been. It’s a combination of Mafia, a Shitty GTA and a Shitty Assassin’s Creed. If they perfected the GTAIII/AC Elements, it would be a perfect game.

    6. C’mon. Super Mario World.

    7. Hmm… I always get tugged at the Credits of Super Mario World. The whole Indigo Prophecy experience was pretty awesome aswell.

  2. 1. Ps2
    2. Grand Theft Auto 4 (both endings are great
    3. To be honest, I never really thought of how it has changed, but I guess I prefer in game
    4. I usually play on normal
    5. GTA RP. A game of cops and robbers. SAMP has things on it that are similar
    6. Zombies ate my neighbor (sega genesis)
    7. TF2 can get pretty intense, especially when playing with many friends, trying to coordinate. It can be either very frustrating, or very rewarding, depending on how your team plays.

  3. 1. Super NES. Easily the best.

    2. Final Fantasy VI and Portal. Although Bioshock’s was quite moving, as well.

    3. I don’t have a preference really.

    4. Normal usually, but with Ghostbusters, I dropped it to easy.

    5. A Final Fantasy with the freedom of a Fallout 3.

    6. Any old Square Enix game.

    7. Battletoads pissed me off like you would never believe.

  4. 1. PC. It’s the only console I own that’s stood the test of time. And I can even be productive with it when I get an odd urge like that.

    2. Does it even need to be said? Portal.

    3. I prefer in-game cutscenes. CGI ones tend to be at a lower resolution than I play at, and therefore look crappy, and in-game cutscenes can use things like your unique character in the scene itself.

    4. Depends. On a story-driven game like Bioshock or DA:O, I’ll go with easy or normal, since difficulty just isn’t what the game’s about to me. On shooters, though, I’ll stick with veteran difficulties

    5. Ohh, yes there is. FFTA3: The graphics of FFTA2, the framerate and mechanics of FFTA, and Vieras that aren’t broken.

    6. Half Life. Can’t wait for BMS!

    7. Fallout 3. None of that vault and father stuff, mind you. When it came to the final sequence, though, I didn’t know that the game would end no matter what, and I just couldn’t make myself sacrifice my character, even though he had been a pretty righteous guy up until that point. And here’s the kicker – it actually made me feel guilty.

  5. 1.N64 or PC

    2.In Kotor when you rescue Bastila and she tells you that she loves you and you go on to beat Malak.

    3. Both are cool.

    4. I regularily pump single player games down to easy so I feel as badass as I should… and so I can see the story quicker.

    5. I would make a L4D Hardcore expansion that introduces the likes of CSS weapon physics, pre-determined load-outs, and other things to bump the realism and difficulty of a revamped L4D (with the classic survivors) into the most terrific and terrifying zombie game ever made.

    6. Ocarina of time.

    7. When you fail to bring Bastila back to the light and she fights you do the death even though you don’t want to kill her. At that point I felt like throughing my character into one of those bottomless shafts…

  6. 1. The PS3. This is because I can play my game from my 2nd fave system (PS2) and it’s also the first console I played online. That experience really changed how I play games and with friends.

    2. That’s a tough one. MGS4, while ridiculous,was rewarding as I had the knowledge that I stuck by the game series for years.
    Portals was okay and that was primarily because of the song during the credits.

    3. Well, I’ve got back into FF7 and the cutscenes aren’t really doing it for me. I like AC2’s style. I feel that it suits the game well. However, I’ll go with whatever method is in Uncharted 2. They are THE best cutscenes I’ve ever witnessed.

    4. Normal, and no that’s cheap in my eyes lol.

    5. Hitman with co-op and more, larger, longer, even more varied levels.

    6. Goldeneye and MGS1 on equal levels.

    7. Well plenty of games have made me : ( but never : ‘ (
    FFX, MGS4 and SotC’s endings were all sad and made me kinda emotional.
    In terms of childish RAGE! COD4 and 6 (or MW1 and 2 if you wish) have peeved me off online. Soul Calibur 2 had a few sections on New Game + (or whatever it was called) that near pushed me over the limit.

  7. 1. N64. So many memories.

    2. Knights of the Old Republic, when you fool the Republic fleet into thinking you’re still a good guy. So bad-ass.

    3. In-game, no question

    4. I usually do normal or hard (Legendary on Halo). I did easy for Dragon Age and I regret it.

    5. This is a tough one. I’ve always envisioned a game with wide-open vistas, a saturated color palette and massive fire fights. Maybe some really cool stealth, too.

    6. Does Majora’s Mask count?

    7. None, really. When Naked Snake shoots the Boss in MGS 3 is pretty close, though. Oh, when you have to drag down the Star Destroyer in The Force Unleashed, that was pretty rage inducing. Man, I freaking hated that part.

  8. 1. N64 hands down. i played it daily at my cousins when my aunt babysat for me.

    2. dont really have one yet

    3. In game

    4. normal to start but it gets bumped to hard once i get to know the controls

    5. anything with an open world that lets you explore on your own time

    6. super mario

    7. i dont think i have one. theres been times when im frustrated but ive never just quit.

  9. 1.) Nintendo 64…good times playing turok and goldeneye

    2.)I think its the ending of Half Life 2

    3.)Man I loved the FF CG cutscenes. They were so epic 😀

    4.)After mastering HL2 and FEAR I’ve always kept the difficulty a notch below the expert difficulty

    5.)My fantasy would be a Gordon Freeman in a L4D world with Fallout 3 gameplay ooohhhhh

    6.)Super Mario Bros. for the huge Game Boy

    7.)Rage Quitting on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde even though AVGN warned me about it

  10. 1. SNES – While the PS2 was great, just seeing an SNES controller evokes happy memories.

    2. Impossible question. Portal, FFVI, FFVII, Grim Fandango…Shadow of the Colossus might take the cake.

    3. With current gen graphics, I don’t really care anymore. To demonstrate my prior position: I used to record all the awesome pre-rendered stuff for later viewing on VHS.

    4. Normal difficulty all the way. Maybe higher on a subsequent playthrough.

    5. Pretty much, if they would make more epic adventure games with current-gen technology, I’d be in heaven. Heavy Rain, I’m looking at you.

    6. Equal parts Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, and Zork Nemesis.

    7. The opera scene in FFVI used to choke me up every time.

  11. 1) N64, my first console will always be my favourite, great games = great memories.

    2) Mass effect, getting to save the entire galaxy is always cool. Can’t wait for ME2.

    3) Either or, doesnt bother me, as long as it fits the game, ie not like Mirror’s Edge. The animated cutscences just didnt sit right with the brilliant open world graphics.

    4) I’ll usually start the game on normal, but i’m certainly not against dropping the difficulty if it proves too hard. I play games to enjoy myself, not to break down in frustration.

    5)Never really thought about it, but probably something with the story of the half life series and mass effect, but with the freedom and exploration of oblivion or fallout 3.

    6)Its not really nostalgia, but all the great NES and SNES games that i never knew existed. I dont have a Wii so no virtual console – yet.

    7)Definitely the end of HL2:E2. No other game that I’ve played (which i’ll admit isn’t that many) got the same emotional response…now all we need is to find out how alyx is going to react in Episode 3. What’s the deal valve? 🙂

  12. 1. What was your all-time favorite system?

    Hmm… Either PC or Xbox 360 (Although the Original Xbox brings back memories)

    2. What is your favorite video game ending?

    BiA: Hell’s Highway or Halo: Combat Evolved.

    3. Remember when CG cutscenes were all the rage? Do you miss those, or do you prefer in-game cut scenes?

    Hmm… By In-Game I assume you mean something like what was done in The Half-Life Series. If so, then In-Game, with the exception of BiA: Hell’s Highway because it was such a masterfully dome game.

    4. What difficulty setting do you normally choose to play a game with? Have you ever bumped down to easy to see the story quicker?

    I play the main campaign on the regular setting, then I give it a second playthrough on the hardest, then I give it a playthrough on regular again where I search for those pesky hidden items.

    5. Is there a kind of game that would be your dream game? Describe it.

    Yes there is. It is a tactical squad-based shooter with a compelling narrative that lasts upwards of 20 hours. Essentially a BiA: HH with more gameplay and the like. I think choosing Market Garden as a setting made a very long game impossible though.

    But yeah, I look for Length, Story, and the need to think before you act, I suppose Far Cry 2 is an excellent example of those as well.

    6. Which old school game do you get most nostalgic for?

    Man, I wasn’t truly around for the old-school games, but the game that brings back the most memories for me is this Winnie the Pooh game that I got when I was 3 that I spent HOURS playing. I absolutely loved it, and it’s what got me hooked on the computer, which then got me interested in gaming.

    So I guess you could say a Winnie the Pooh game started off my love of gaming.

    7. What instance of a game has affected you the most emotionally? I suppose this can also include rage quitting.

    A sudden plot twist that made all the actions I’ve previously done seem questionable. For example, Bioshock or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (The level ‘Loose Ends’).

  13. 1. PC cause it is the only one I have and free multiplayer.
    2. depends on when you consider when the ending starts.I like the ending to Ep 2 cause it was so unexpected
    3. Both, like supanovaforce has to fit with the game
    4. eh start on normal, change only when I cannot get pass a spot which is always rare on normal. except for that Rancor on Taris, took me 2 whole years of on and off playing to finally to figure out how to kill it, without a guide.
    5. Amazing unexpected story, eh RPG thats at the same time a online shooter that is based in the team fortress and star wars universe.
    6 Pokemon esp yellow version

  14. 1. N64/ SNES. i have more memories on the N64, but i still remember waking up and playing Super Mario World on the weekends.

    2. Maybe CoD4. i loved finally winning event though my squad died. Sorta.

    3.I dont really like cutscenes, but probably CG cutscenes. i remember seeing one of those for AoE3 and thinking how cool it was.

    4. I tend to play on normal, but i did drop down in Dragon Age: Origins.

    5. A good star wars game beyond bioware.

    6. Goldeneye and Ken Griffey Jr baseball.

    7. Again, maybe CoD4, when all of Soap’s friends die. Or when your marine dies.

  15. Alright, I love this pop quizzes! Something about surveys gets me hyped up! lol

    1. The Game Boy Advance (SP because of the light, but of course I loved the original). The GBA had some of the greatest games ever. Golden Sun, Fire Emblem in America, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (the last good games, dammit), Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, and so many more. This was a time when the sprites were getting better, but still had that great old look that the new consoles just destroy by having too great of graphics. I miss the days when Nintendo was still awesome, cranking out great Gamecube game after incredible handheld game. The Gamecube had its moments, but I am most fond of the GBA games and the good times I had with them. Just great stuff. I wish I had a time machine and a selective memory eraser so I could go back and experience the games all over again.
    Ugh… The next generation of gamers just won’t be the same as us. We are us because we grew up with pixels as big as our tiny fists! Innovation was at its high-point, and while it might be unfair to say that because nowadays we have all played the first of all the great series, it’s still true. I pine for the future of video games if they’re all too high-graphics and whatnot. You need to have big pixels! That’s what made games classic games! Damn technology for advancing too fast!
    You know what, the Video Game Industry should revert to large pixeled games, old quality music, original stories, and let us feel nostalgic with new games or expansions or redo’s of classic games and teach our younglings the Real Way to Live as a Gamer.

    2. Well, the ending to Modern Warfare 2 is pretty epic. It’s fuggin sweet. It’s intense and brutal, and the last part when you [CENSORED] the [CENSORED] at [CENSORED]’s [CENSORED] is just beautiful. But honestly, I can’t really think of the most moving and well-executed and awesome ending. There’s just so many damn good endings, as well as many epic games I never finished. Oh well, I guess I’ll stick with MW2.

    3. Oh man, ahahaha, I remember those times! I remember when FF10 had those incredible graphics for its cutscenes which are actually still quite good. Anyway, Cutscenes are fine for RPG’s and Adventure games, but In-Game Sequences, if executed well, can involve the player more and therefore are often better. Infinity Ward knows their stuff in terms of scripted events, and honestly it’s fun to be able to move the camera, as it were, yourself. So personally it just depends on the game and the execution. I like cutscenes and in-game sequences equally.

    4. If there’s a campaign or story mode, I like to experience the story the first time without getting bogged down by gameplay sequences that are too difficult and ruin the story’s flow and effect. For first game through, I’ll play on an easier difficulty, and then usually I’ll go back and replay it on a harder difficulty.
    Speaking of which, I beat MW2 on Veteran. Yeeah son.

    5. My perfect game would be a Co-op Open-World Shooter RPG Action Dungeon Platformer Puzzle Adventure with a epic, masterfully-crafted and executed story with original and deep characters, lots of customization and variation in the skills and weapons and locations and gameplay aspects and objectives, tight and responsive controls, stylistic or realistic graphics even though graphics aren’t totally necessary (just make it look good enough), fluid and well-performed animations, and solid framerate. Also, the game needs a soundtrack that is expertly crafted, recognizable, good music to listen to, and fits the atmosphere well. Finally, it needs to support the community and modding, because mods are awesome. 40+ hours of an epic story mode that can be played solo or co-op (2-6 players, depending on how epic the battles are), and lots of new content for free or reasonable prices for multiplayer Co-Op missions (like highlights from the story or new missions) specially designed apart from Story, as well as for the Versus mode which includes deathmatches and objectives, with some objectives unique to the game and its setting.
    Alright, I’ll start working on it.

    6. RPG’s and Action Puzzle Platformer Adventures (like Legend of Zelda, Okami, Assassin’s Creed, etc.) are what I used to play back when I was a wee lil lad, so playing new games of those genres always let’s me remember the good ol’ days of the N64 and Gamecube and PS2 eras.

    7. I’ve played a lot of games with many emotionally powerful moments that the list would be way too long. A good example is in Drakengard 2 when that one guy with the mask and axe (I forgot his name…), who basically is the only reason you can survive any of the missions,

  16. [Sozz, have to continue #7]

    …dies, leaving you rather weak, but still barely strong enough to fight the last few battles. Losing the character is a downer because he’s such an awesome character in the story, but also is necessary to the gameplay.

    That was awesome! Can’t wait for the next quiz!

  17. @ Cossack
    I can’t believe I didn’t think of MW2 for number 2! Also with all those [CENSORED]’s it made it out to be 10x better than it already was lol! Also, I miss your old avatar already! lol.

  18. @ Skuba
    lol Thanks! Yeah, I like to put Censored’s so I don’t ruin the surprise. Of course I do it all the time to noobs on Xbox LIVE. As soon as I join a lobby, I’ll say “Hey! Guess what? [CENSORED] betrays you.” One time, this kid flipped shit and yelled at me for ruining the twist, to which I responded by rofling.

    Anyway, I switched my avatar to a Bogatyr, which essentially means “Badass” in Russian. If Cortez was Russian, he’d be a Bogatyr. lol And Stalin was a douchebag who ruined my motherland, so…

  19. I’m really late on this, I know, but the questions seem cool so I want to do it anyway.

    1. PS2, especially towards the end of its life…FFXII, GoW2, SotC, Okami…classics.

    2. FFIX. On the melodramatic side, but I loved it and still love it every time. I also saw something recently that made me appreciate the FFVIII ending even more.

    3. I think I miss CG scenes, but they served more of a purpose on PS1 and earlier systems, when the in-game graphics couldn’t even come close to competing with the CG.

    4. Normal, and I won’t bump it down. Then I’ll usually start again in harder, but then move on to something else before I beat it.

    5. I would have liked Dragon Age even more if it were multiplayer.

    6. Shining Force on the Genesis. When I played that I made up my own story between the characters. They had their own conversations in my head. Loved every second.

    7. Aeris’s death in FFVII or any Colossus’s death in SotC. Different kinds of emotion but beautiful either way.

    If it’s not clear, I’m kind of an FF freak…can’t wait for XIII.

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