Army of Two Multiplayer Trailer Brings the Co-Op

Army of Two: The 40th Day (or Total Fistbump Destruction, as it is also known) is set to be released on January 12 and fulfill our need for bromantic private miliatry company action. While the original co-op shooter fell a little short of its goal to build a competent “you and a buddy against the world” experience, the sequel seems on track to match up to the promises of the original, something that seems to be a deepening trend in the games industry.

The multiplayer for AoT: TFD has the same flavor to it as several two-man teams of colorfully dressed mercenaries battle it out over various objectives. I’m interested to see how the game makes use of the small teams and how the fire-fights will play out because, more likely than not, you’re going to be facing off against two friends who know how to work together instead of a bunch of random people from matchmaking. I’m definitely giving this game a shot when it comes out, so who’s with me? Is Army of Two on your Q1 purchase list, or are there other games that are getting your money?

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5 thoughts on “Army of Two Multiplayer Trailer Brings the Co-Op”

  1. Well the dev team is obviously trying to bring out the TWO from the title into the game. Theres so much co-op multiplayer modes.

    Even though I haven’t played the demo (so far i see people complaining), it really doesn’t look appealing to my eye.

    Another TPS fail??? Maybe.

  2. First game sucked? It was actually pretty good (well, imo.). Just short as hell and has a lack of multiplayer depth.

    I look forward to TFD.

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