Upcoming StarCraft Release Features Protoss “Mini-Campaign”

As we all know, the various species of the StarCraft universe will be getting their own complete campaign spread across three separate titles that will fully comprise StarCraft II. With the Terran campaign “Wings of Liberty” set for release sometime this year (hopefully), we all assumed that we’d have to wait until 2011 or later to play as the Protoss, but this may not be the case.

A Blizzard Community Team member confirmed on the official Battle.Net forums that the psychic aliens will get a small campaign separate from the Terran missions in StarCraft II. The Protoss portion of “Wings” is expected to be much shorter than the Terran sections and will only feature a small sampling of units and buildings, so it doesn’t exactly set one up for multiplayer. The main purpose of the mini-campaign is to break up the pacing and add a little variety to the single player offering.

What are your opinions on this new development in the seemingly never-ending stream of pre-release StarCraft news? It’s great that Blizzard continues to add new features to the game (even when they take essential ones out), but I’m of the opinion that StarCraft II needs to hit in 2010 or the sci-fi RTS will take a major hurting in the PR department. How do you guys feel, though? Is StarCraft II going to be worth the wait, and are you going to pick it up?

Source: Kotaku

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming StarCraft Release Features Protoss “Mini-Campaign””

  1. If they are going to do this. I say they should just wait and do all three campaigns to the best of their ability and release it all at once. I find it kinda repulsive that they are going to charge the consumer 3 seperate times to get the complete game. If I was Blizzard I would release the game at its best and all together. They were gonna release them seperate because they wanted to make it to the best of their ability. Might as well make it to the best of their ability and release it together so that their final product would be the best they could do. I for sure would be waiting for the box set at least to get starcraft 2 now.

  2. Yeah, I really don’t understand the decision to split this out. Part of playing the RTS campaigns in these games is to get a feel for how each group works and what abilities you can learn, unit control, etc. Having only one playable group seems like it’s really going to hurt normal/casual players as far as multiplayer goes.

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