2010 Gaming Resolutions

Every year, New Year’s Resolutions are the big thing to do once January rolls around. People make fake promises to themselves in order to build their self esteem and generally and make them feel better. In general, they hope this mental self flagellation results in them being able to sleep better at night, if in fact it causes any betterment at all in their daily lives.

I’ve only had a very minimal experience with these self imposed restrictions or boundaries, but only this year were they actually a positive thing for my health. However, I wondered what it would be like to pen up a few resolutions that related to video games. Here’s what I came up with:

2010 Gaming Resolutions

Final Fantasy VIIIRe-play Final Fantasy VIII.

This sounds like a strange one, but this is a game I’ve been wanting to re-visit lately. I love FF VII and FF IX, but I feel like VIII was the lone wolf of the series that always got a bad beat that it didn’t deserve. I remember loving the first disc or so, but it quickly got boring and I also loathed the magic system.

The problem with all that is: I was like 15 when I first played the game. My tastes and sensibilities are completely different (or at least I hope that’s the case), so I’m curious how this one holds up. I’m guessing it’s slower pace and twisty love story might make a tad more sense to somebody who actually knows how to drive, but maybe that’s just me dreaming.


Half Life 2Finish Half Life 2

I have a confession: I’ve never finished Half Life 2. Blasphemy! Sacrilege. Yes, these things are true.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the game on my first playthrough… it’s that my PC sucked. I bought Half Life 2 when it came out primarily so I could play Counter-Strike: Source, and my PC could barely handle either of those games at the time. Needless to say, once I got my feet wet with both of them, I kind of wanted to wait until I had a system that could do it justice.

To be honest, I can’t even remember how far I got in HL2. I know I’ve played the Citadel level at some point, but I don’t remember how I got there (I may have just played the level one day when I was bored). I remember the opening in City 17 and I seem to recall Ravenholm as well.

And if I’m being totally honest… I will more than likely finish the game on the 360 as opposed to the PC, because, well, I’m an achievement slut. No, not a whore. Whores do it for money, sluts do it for free.


XBox LivePlay with everyone on my friends list.

There are some people on my friends list that I honestly don’t have a clue about who they are. Granted, many are probably fans of SmoothFewFilms stuff or members of this site who’ve added me over time, but I just lose track of who is who, especially when their gamer handle doesn’t match the stuff they e-mail or message on the site with.

When I get online, I usually just go into an “offline” mode so that I can play what I want in peace. My free time has been pretty limited lately, so I’m usually on for a few minutes at night to chill out a bit before I go to bed. However, in 2010, I want to make an effort to do more community gaming things, specifically ones related to GamerSushi. We tried to organize one earlier this year and I just got too busy. Time to make some time for this one. How does this weekend sound?

On another note, if you’ve added me to your friends list from this site, do send me a message and let me know you’re from GS. That’ll bump you up pretty quickly. I also need to play my PS3 online more. Stop laughing at me, Anthony.


Handheld gamingPlay more handheld games.

I won’t lie. I mostly refuse to play handheld games when I’m at home because the screens are so darn small. Maybe that makes me a brat, maybe it makes me a non-hardcore gamer, I dunno. All I do know is that when I’ve got the option of HD flat screen gaming vs a small thing in my palm, I’m going to go with the bigger one every time (that’s what she said).

Right now I’ve got Final Fantasy VI (sorry Anthony), Chrono Trigger (which I bought LAST Christmas) and Final Fantasy Tactics (which I bought two birthdays ago) to play, and I still haven’t found the right way to do it. Maybe I just need to travel more, who knows. Either way, I need to finish these games, one way or another.

So what about you guys? What do you think of this list? What are your gaming resolutions?

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  1. first of all i want to know your gamer id for PSN eddy (i know i’m only making this resolution harder for you but its not like you’ll play with everyone anyway). Second i want to say i’m a huge fan of both this site and smooth few films. Third i want to get my router fixed so i can start playing some online games finally (that’s basically my only resolution).

  2. My Gamertag is one of those ones that is sort of odd. Matches nothing I use for messaging and emails, but it carries over across every game I play online. “Lubeius”, “Lube182” and variations thereof. Very handy when ODST came out. Nice four letter tag.

    Anyways, my resolution is to 100% the achievements in Assassin’s Creed II, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Modern Warfare 2 and ODST. I’ve got at most eight achievements to go, so if I don’t do it I’ll be very upset with myself.

    Oh, and read books that have nothing to do with Star Wars or Halo. Maybe I’ll finally read my copies of The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. BioShock tricked me into thinking Ayn Rand invented Rapture.

  3. Complete all the games I got off steam over the past month.. I’ve gone from about 50 to over 100, curse you ridiculously low prices.

    Also I have a resolution to start and finish a HalfLife 2 Ep 2 mod before the end of the year, including coding, texturing, modelling and mapping, maybe ill actually finish this time..

  4. I would have to say that my gaming resolutions are
    1. Finish Dragon Age. Not beat it, finish it. And sleep with leliana because morrigan turned out to have ulterior motives.
    2. Replay Mass Effect
    3. Get Drakes fortune 2
    4. Replay Bioshock

  5. Hmm… Playing with the GS people, interesting (MAJOR PAAIN (Xbox 360)).

    I myself want to read the next book in the Rpeublic Commando Series and maybe pick up Rock Band 2. Hmm… Two very consumerist things, I think they shall be done at some point.

  6. 1) Buy, beat, and love mass effect 2.
    2) Finish Borderlands, including all the challanges
    3) Buy MW2 – or even COD4 for that matter – i know, i know, this is my sacrilege.

  7. 1. “Whores do it for money, sluts do it for free.” – continue to laugh this hard and tell people about it in the new year.

    2. Pirate less / Buy more. You guys have made me feel a little guilty as of late ;).

    3. Re play The Longest Journey without getting frustarted and using any walk-throughs. (deal with it)

    4. Drive to Eddy’s house and slap/slay him for not finishing HL2.

    Very cool idea, I’ve always laughed at people doing resolutions, but ‘gaming resolutions’… Now there’s an idea!

    PS – There’s nothing ‘hardcore’ about hand held gaming. sheesh. It’s “Time-killing” not “Life-changing”

  8. You could always kill two birds with one stone. You could beat hl2 and play with more friends. Synergy HL2 Coop would be really fun to play with you guys. If you guys are ever interested in a private server on a dedicated box (located at a server farm in Chicago) just let me know.

  9. I was wondering if you ever played FF VI. And the minute I saw that about playing online, I thought of your poor PS3 friends (like me), alone, fighting off the hordes solo….

    My resolutions are to beat all the games I have.

    I wanna re-play FF IX and finish FF X-2, but that is a long shot.

    Also, I want to bring my MW 2 KDR past 1.50

  10. 1: Actually start having positive K/D ratios in MW 2

    2: Get to 20k GS

    3: Buy ME 2 the day it comes out

    4: Find time to finish ME 1 completely with the choices I want to complement ME 2

    5: Try not to totally destroy my step-brothers when we play games.

    6: Add all the kids at my new School to my friends list if they haz an xbox.

  11. 1. Platinum AC2, MW2, CoD Classic, R&CF:ACiT (after I buy/get a lend of it) and Trine.

    2. Play Heavy Rain.

    3. Manage gaming time through January for test revision purposes.

    4. Complete no.3 (above) and gaming binge throughout February!

    Also, try to play with Eddy and/or Anthony! Uncharted 2 guys?

  12. ym gaming new years resolution is to try and be more diverse with the games i buy. i mostly have shooters and a mega man game for my current gen platforms. also id like to get more games for my new ps3. psn-CHARLES-GAMER. XBL-RX UNIT 117

  13. my gaming new years resolution is to try and be more diverse with the games i buy. i mostly have shooters and a mega man game for my current gen platforms. also id like to get more games for my new ps3. psn-CHARLES-GAMER. XBL-RX UNIT 117

  14. #1. Finish Modern Warfare 2’s solo story on Veteran. Guess what? I DID. YESTERDAY. BOOM! FUCK YEEAH!!!
    And that’s not all! I got “Ghost” (plant the C4 in Cliffhanger without alerting or harming any of the guards) and “Pit Boss” (complete the Pit challenge in under 30 seconds) with 26.6 seconds using an MP5K and M9 Beretta. I am officially PRO! Hahaha, I’m so proud of myself.

    #2. Visit the good old days. I’ve been playing more Pokemon games and they’re still awesome. I’m going to buy those games I never got around to playing…once I compile my list, BUT I WILL DAMMIT! I’m looking forward to Beyond Good & Evil and BioShock 1.

    #3. Finish my homework before I play games. Yeah, I developed a nasty habit of procrastinating on my homework by waiting until 7:00-ish to start my homework, while I play video games. I’ve been getting better recently so hopefully I can break my habit.

    2010 is so futuristic man! lol I’m proud of the Aughts and I can safely say I’ll be looking back nostalgically on my childhood for years to come.

  15. Well…damn. I don’t know any of the GS guys’ gamertags, but i’d love to play some games with you guys. (maybe i’m just unobservant…)

    My Resolutions:

    1. Replay Tales of Symphonia, and when I get Tales of Vesperia back from my friend, replay that too.

    2. Finally get that General rank in Halo Wars to finish the game off.

    3. Beat an Expert-Realism campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.

  16. Finish the large list of steam games that I haven’t finished. C&C3, Braid, Fallout 2, GTA4, Shadowgrounds, STALKER, Fuel, Torchlight. Oh, and replay the entire Spyro the Dragon series – that’s a tradition of mine.

  17. get the skill in eve to pilot black op caldri ships itl only take around 140 days to fly it well yay

  18. 1. Get my Draenei Paladin to Level 80 in World of Warcraft before December 31, 2010 while holding a 2.5 GPA in college (most likely near-impossible).

    2. Beat Mass Effect 2 in less than 20 hours of game time and less than 2 months of owning the game.

    3. Keep my K/D ratio above a 1 in MW2.

    4. Buy Final Fantasy XIII.

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