GamerSushi Demands: Post Your Lootz!

Well, it’s Christmas time, and naturally that means one thing: epic loot! For many gamers, this is the time of year that we can’t stand waiting for, because we know that Christmas Day will reap a bountiful harvest of the things we’ve been dying to play for the last year or even longer.

So far, I haven’t been able to do any present opening, so I’m not sure of what gaming things might be waiting for me, if any. If I get some money/gift cards, I’ll be very tempted to buy Left 4 Dead 2, which I keep hearing is even better than the first one. If nothing else, I’m going to be saving up money for Mass Effect 2 (January), Splinter Cell (February), Final Fantasy XIII (March) and Heavy Rain. This week I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed 2 and while it starts off pretty terribly, it’s getting better fast.

So, what kind of loot did you guys get? Feel free to post about it, gaming or otherwise. Go!

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15 thoughts on “GamerSushi Demands: Post Your Lootz!”

  1. Gamewise I got AC2, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet and Clank a crack in time. a few blue-rays, a nice jacket, and a semi-pro dirt jump bike 🙂
    Merry xmas Guys!

  2. I got a few DVDs – Eureka Seven Vol 1, Juno, Miller’s Crossing, Kicking and Screaming (not the Will Farrell movie) and some books – Making a Good Script Great, and Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner.

    All the games I got this year were actually Christmas presents to myself 🙂 – Metroid Prime Trilogy was $20 at Best Buy, and Wolverine for the 360 was $10 on GameFly.

    Speaking of which, the GameFly year-end used game sale is kind of ridiculous:

  3. I didn’t get any gaming related stuff this year as I have to buy all that junk myself.

    For presents I got an iPod Touch (it is sweet!), a couple ties, a Deadpool graphic novel and three pairs of Macbeth shoes (for some reason). Oh and a bottle of hot sauce.

    I have to go out tomorrow and buy myself a new A/V cable for my 360. I carries sound but not the video. It kinda sucks.

  4. Didnt get games but got t-shirts, a new jacket, candy/chocolate, 4gigs of ram for the computer, a good 120mm case fan, a corsair h50 cpu cooler,money and a couple of books.
    Also the 28th is my birthday, so more loot for me!

  5. Well my Christmas isn’t for another 13 days because I’m Orthodox Christian, but whatever. What I WILL get is nothing because this year, I’m donating to charity instead of receiving presents. I’m boycotting Christmas’ commercialism. lol Actually there’s just no games I’m willing to spend money on at the moment.

  6. @ Cossack, how noble of you!
    The only game i got was MW2 (and what a game!) as my priorities lay in my airsoft pistol (for those of you that care, it’s a Tokyo Marui SiG P226) and all my accessories (ie. spare mag, gas, holster) which ended up costing more than a Wii! I bought myself Trine on PSN thank to the christmas discount for £8 rather than the standard £15. Also, I got the 2nd season of American Dad and a couple of books. Oh, and socks.

  7. I got a really sweet shower curtain pole thing, down blanket, and boxers. we are renovating the bathrooms and my current sheets for my bed are from when I was 10, little small.

  8. Well, I got Windows/Office 7, a Core 2 Quad, the Medal of Honor games (I know, they’re not so great, but I really liked them when I was in 5th grade, but I lost the disks), a 25.5″ monitor, a Blu-Ray drive, a digital clock-radio (great success!) that picks up global stations (including Argentinian Reggae), and pants…and game-wise, I got $200-ish and there’s a sale on Steam, so…yeah.

  9. Well, I must say, I don’t exactly have any games XD
    Besides New Super Mario Bros Wii.
    But I got a crap load of computer stuff.
    Pentium Dual Core (found out, spec wise, it was better than Core 2 Dua, only difference was L2 cache.) A XFX 750i Extreme SLI mobo, 4 more gigs of RAM, and a new power supply. But it is, for the lack of a better term, POS, so I’m gonna have to RMA for a new one.

  10. I got Dragon Age Origins, which is, incidentally, kickass. I also got a PS3 that came with the original Drake’s Fortune. And Windows XP for dummies. Thanks, bro

  11. My sisters gave me a Harmonica and a Tambourine (the sticker read ‘PS I play’ for a song I wrote). . I Recieved ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (which are easily two of the most well-written movies in a long time) from my brother.

    I got some gift certificates and socks/chocolates from other family members…

    A roomate gave me the ‘Inglorious Basterds’ DVD, an other roomate (who just returned from Europe) gave me a hand-crafted wooden penis, which bears a bottle opener on the shaft end.. an other roomate is yet to shock us.

    it’s been very interesting thus far. . we just had another party and yes, I haven’t slept yet at 7 AM Central.


  12. I got an ipod touch and mitch i completeley agree with the ‘it is sweet’ comment. A shed load of fishing gear and the usual present of underwear. Nothing game related his year. Though im gonna buy Mass effect 2, Alien vs predator (the new one) and splinter cell: conviction the collectors edition. Inflitration? splinter cell mixed with terrorist hunt ftw?

  13. @julez: Not really my cup of tea, but very nice work there, I guessing the tamborine was for the song I play the Tamborine.

    also got some belated christmas presents, they were two shirts

  14. Oh, man. I got so much stuff:

    Dragon Age, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3

    On Blu Ray: Wolverine and GI Joe

    DVD: Sarah Conner Chronicles Seasons 1 & 2. Dollhouse, Burn Notice S2, Two and a Half Men S5 & S6, Castle, Transformers 2 and Arrested Development

    Also, two Star Wars books, a Malazan Empire book, gift cards and money.


  15. Sounds like everyone got some nice hauls. I got money and gift cards, which are going towards Borderlands and Mass Effect 2 as soon as possible.

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