Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is Looking Hot

I never really played the first Battlefield: Bad Company game, but I hear it had some really cool features, and its multiplayer showed a ton of promise. Well judging from the preview of Bad Company 2 below, it looks like they’re taking what they learned from the first game and making a kick-ass follow-up. The multiplayer demo is looking all kinds of hot, so I’m actually excited about it. Maybe I’ll have to pick the first one up over the holidays on the cheap…

Who else is excited about this game? Go!

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9 thoughts on “Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is Looking Hot”

  1. Ho ho, yeah. That’s what I’m talking ’bout! I loved the first game, so I’m so looking forward to this. Gotta go pre-order soon.

    The graphics just look so much sharper compared to the original and even 1943.

    The multi-team death match is a cool concept. I really dig the idea of fighting over an APC.

  2. I’m excited. Just need people to play with now. All my friends think anything other than MW2 being inserted into your xbox is Heresy and you need to be burned at the stake for such high-crimes.

  3. I’ve been playing multiplayer beta on PS3, and I have to say that I love it. Enjoyed playing the multiplayer on first one, and this does everything better. That you have to spot the enemies by pressing a button makes sniping more intresting, because in 1st one you just needed to shoot an enemy an it showd up on your teamates map. I’ll buy this when it comes out !
    (ps. sry my english 🙁

  4. I typed a response but the server failed. Let’s sum it up to “Counter-Strike did it best, no game can ever live up to what they did. These games may be fun, and I hope you guys do have fun, but in terms of community and overall awesomeness, nothing will ever come close.”

    Please fix your server boys. This site has been slow as shit lately.

  5. I wasn’t impressed with the first game, but I may give this one a shot.

    No shooter can top MW 2, though, so it doesn’t stand much of a chance

  6. [quote comment=”9552″]I wasn’t impressed with the first game, but I may give this one a shot.

    No shooter can top MW 2 for an insane amount of glitches, though, so it doesn’t stand much of a chance[/quote]


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