Splinter Cell: Conviction’s Co-Op Trailer is Sneaky

The way I see it, one of the finest co-op campaigns in gaming is the one from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory where you play as two Third Echelon ninjas assisting franchise protagonist Sam Fisher in an alternate look at the story line. Conviction, the newest game in Ubisoft’s stealth action series, is going to feature a different take on the co-op mode that was presented in Chaos Theory. Whereas the campaign in CT ran parallel to the main story, this time around it serves as a prequel to the plot, probably giving us an explanation as to what has been going on in the Splinter Cell universe before the beginning of Conviction. Take a look:

How do you guys feel about it? Are you down for some co-op stealth shenanigans when the game drops in February?

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5 thoughts on “Splinter Cell: Conviction’s Co-Op Trailer is Sneaky”

  1. THIS AND L4D2 ON PS3 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ etc. I’m really interested in this and it would sway me towards getting a 360 that bit more. When Ubisoft revealed this at E3 it blew my mind as much as Uncharted 2 did.

  2. the mark and execute thing, looks like it could be extremely cinematic. Just think about a room of 20 people and both of you mark half then just go in and take them out. Makes me shudder, from coolness

  3. Oh man, soooo excited about this! Seriously, I freaking love Chaos Theory’s co-op and this looks like it’s continuing that spirit. Can’t wait for this game now. This just went from “must play” to “must buy”.

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