Mythbusters Meets Modern Warfare 2

Oh, Modern Warfare 2. When will we stop posting about you? I’m not sure, but I do know that there is a nifty new video that combines the Discovery show Mythbusters and Modern Warfare 2, resulting in some awesome tricks that I had no idea existed. To be honest, I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this in matchmaking, so I’m curious how they came up with this stuff.

I believe I’ve posted before about a similar series done with Halo 3, which was created by the same dudes. Glad to see they’re still working together! Also, the bouncing throwing knives were incredible. You’ll see what I mean.


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9 thoughts on “Mythbusters Meets Modern Warfare 2”

  1. Nice! I really quite liked H3 mythbusters, but you have to run out of material eventually. Hopefully they have a Reach series too!

    Using the Javelin glitch makes you a douche: Confirmed!

  2. @ Julez, are there any other problems with the PC version of MW2 other than the whole dedicated server issue?

  3. Holy shit, my friend told me about something like that happening to him on Rust. Also, that spawn killikng spree was amazing. Wow…

  4. Awesome vid! Can’t wait for more. Those throwing knife kills were off the shiznaz!

    As for the Nuke and EMP, people say you need to call in the EMP as soon as the Nuke is launched. They might want to redo that myth.

    And as for glitches, once you play with the glitches, it’s fun. The infinite ammo glitch is fun…until some bitch gets an AC-130. Holy flying fuck, that shit is the ghey.

  5. Its not even fun to play online because its impossible to get good matches. I HEARD of a glitch in ground war were you get rerouted to a private server on rust and some crazzzy shit happens.

  6. @Skuba

    They also removed Leaning left and right… Now that might sound like I’m just being petty… But if you try to play the game on the 2 harder difficulties, you’ll see that this could really be a great great asset like it was in the previous iterations.

    The Pros, ofcourse, are that you get to play with mouse+keyboard and crank up the graphics. Sooo if you’re just there for a pretty fun, short’n’sweet SINGLE PLAYER campaign, the PC version is the way to go.

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