Introducing: GamerSushi Reviews Page

premiereWell, aren’t we fancy? We just keep adding these features, don’t we? Soon, you’ll all revolt, longing to go back to the “GamerSushi that was”…

But until then, enjoy the brand spanking new GamerSushi Reviews page, which compiles all of our reviews in an easy-to-browse manner. This should hopefully be helpful in the future as we continue to add more games. Much thanks to JJ, who really killed it with putting the layout together.

In terms of more functionality and updating, we’ve got more stuff we’re working on for the near future with GamerSushi. Any other features you would love to see on this site? What do you think of the review page? Go!

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6 thoughts on “Introducing: GamerSushi Reviews Page”

  1. Wow! If only Sony would take a leaf out of your book and consistently add new stuff! I really like the direction these new feature are going in (ie. more hassle free). After looking at the updated scores, I’ve seen a few I’d politely (or not as one case may be) but I’ll save it for another time. Unless I’m provoked. Consider yourself warned. Also, will you be doing the Sushi awards again in 2010?

  2. That’s really nice! It’d also be nice to have a game cop vs. lame cop archive. Simply because I love reading those

  3. Ah gamersushi. I remember when you first came out. I learned about you guys from The Leet world website (which is a bitchin series by the way). When i first saw it i figured it would be a nice little site that would update us gamers with some info every once in a while. Now i check it every day to see if there is anything new. I hope this new addition means its expanding more, and it makes me think of and how they recently updated to version 4. In my opinion i think that if your going to update, you should add a little something for the community, or to grow your community, like personal accounts and some interesting things like that. Though we arent asking you to strain yourselves too hard. I mean you guys still have Smooth few films to run right. Im sure thats taking up you time. Anyways your reviews are awesome and you guys are halarious. whatever you decide to do with the site, we’ll back you up.

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