Tons of Premiers at Spike’s VGAs

Spike’s Video Game Awards were last night, and for the most part I think the accolades handed out were fairly accurate. Besides doling out some weird monkey statues, the VGAs also played host to a smattering of game announcements from the obvious (Halo: REACH), to the puzzling (Green Day: Rockband), and finally to the completely mind-blowing. If you missed the first few minutes of the awards show like I did, you may have missed this trailer. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so take a gander.

What did you guys think of the awards show, and, more specifically, what did you think of the premiers and the winners? Hit the jump for a couple more trailers.

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25 thoughts on “Tons of Premiers at Spike’s VGAs”

  1. The only one I can watch is the Halo: Reach vid (PS3 doesn’t seem to support the top 2) so I’ll say something in relation to it. YAY! Not some faceless guy we can’t care about! It’s been a while since I read the novel, so can someone remind me who’s who? I feel so stupid asking that.

  2. @Skuba Not to worry, none of the Spartans are in any of the novels. It’s a brand new crew, including the requisite “skull on mask” guy.

  3. Oh right! I wonder what generation of Spartan they are? I HIGHLY doubt 1s, 3s were a) not on Reach and b) wear SPI, so they could be the 3 Spartan II’s who were MIA or maybe I should just stop speculating before my head explodes. I just recovered from AC2’s ending.

  4. I’d say that second generation Spartans are a safe bet. One of them has 052 on his armor which falls into the numbering convention for S-IIs. We’re not sure how closely Bungie is following the book as during the novel it was mentioned that all Spartans were present aboard the Pillar of Autumn.

    Who’s to say, they may be pulling a George Lucas canon wise (effing over book continuity for the newest movie/tv show/game).

    ACII’s ending was nuts. Did you find all the Truth videos?

  5. While my first viewing of the Halo Reach trailer was a little “meh”, a second viewing got me even more excited. I think the most interesting thing is that they’ve definitely updated the graphics engine, which was sorely needed for the series. ODST was almost painful graphically, and Halo 3 wasn’t even cutting edge upon its release. Reach is looking gorgeous so far.

    I’m a little surprised that there’s a Batman sequel so early. I wonder if people will boycott this one? 😉

    Also, the Crackdown 2 trailer was a tad underwhelming.

  6. I think that the new Medal of Honor is trying to ride in on MW2’s horse…MW2 has snowmobiles and MOH has 4-wheelers. Regardless, I will probably still play it because I have enjoyed most previous MOHs.

    Another thing that showed how big MW2’s influence is was the whole skull on mask thing in the Halo: Reach trailer. I’m not gonna lie, and excuse my language here but that seriously pissed me off when I saw it. To show that just a few weeks after Ghost made his debut was…I don’t know…kind of a slap in the face. Is this whole thing ironic at all? I think not…

  7. @Eddy

    I’m surprised too. I thought they’d take a lesson from Valve (OLD valve) and not release a second Arkahm for a while.. I guess they’ll have to (maybe? probably) learn the hard way…

    Gamers don’t want a remapped rehash of the same shit, not usually anyways… Then again, the premise is based off a comic book… so I think those kids will get sick around re-issue #164.

  8. Well, they already released all promised DLC for Arkham and it’s not an online game, so everyone wants more!

    I can’t imagine that Arkham 2 will be released until 2011, so this is just the announcement. It’s not like it’s coming out next month. I am excited!

    As for The Force Unleahsed II, I was so pissed when I realized it was a sequel to that crappy game.

    As for Lucas effing over book continuity, I could not care less. I have read every SW book written and if Lucas wants to wipe them out to make Jar Jar Goes To The Parade, fine by me,lol.

    Green Day isn’t worthy of Rock Band. Nuff said.

  9. @Newaythisckesgr8 Dutch from Halo 3: ODST also had a skull on his faceplate, and that came out two months before Modern Warfare 2. While the design is not as pronounced as the Spartan’s is, these guys are designed pretty early on in development, so I think it’s just a huge coincidence. You can bet that Bungie is kicking themselves for it, though (mainly because of the “ripping off MW2” reaction).

    @Anthony Really, you’ve read the X-Wing series and the Republic Commando series and you still want them wiped? I scoff at your bold claim. As for Green Day Rock Band, no, they don’t deserve it. Nine minutes of power chords? And have you seen the mo cap for the drummer. Just embarrassing.

  10. Mitch,

    Yep. And I don’t want them wiped, but if Lucas made his own thing, I would rather have that.

    I can still read those stories and enjoy them. They will not disappear or anything.

    American Idiot was a great album. but not that great.

  11. @ Anthony, I really liked American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. I thought they WERE that great so I’m interested in this incarnation of RB!
    Also, @ Mitch: Halo: Reach may take place when James was KIA, Linda was WIA and John was A-OK and the rest of the Spartan II’s were planetside. We were told very little about their exploits during the week they were there.

  12. Skuba,

    I liked American Idiot, but they made a musical about it! Green Day got too big for their britches, as we say in the south.

    And that 21 Guns song was ok. Just ok. I have not heard anything else from that album that makes me want to buy it, so I just feel it is a bit of a stretch to give them a Rock Band before U2 or Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead or dozen other bands.

  13. Dunno if this comment was submitted or not, but anyway.
    Yeah, I see what you mean about releasing it before the other groups. Also 21 Guns is the worst song on that album IMHO. The two Viva La Glorias are my fave.

  14. Yeah, Green Day seems like a strange choice. I mean, a lot of their older songs are classic 90s punk, but do they warrant a full fledged title instead of a downloadable pack?

    Also, the solo in 21 Guns is the same melody as the Full House theme. Seriously, listen to it.

  15. Where is my Black Sabbath Rock Band?!?!??!!!?!! lol
    yeah green day does seam like a strange pick over the likes of Perl Jam, Nirvana, or Radiohead like Anthony said.

  16. You guys are crazy! Green Day hasn’t done anything worth spitting at since Nimrod. There’s no waaay they deserve their own game by any means. I’d like to see a Rockband: The Who. Or, how about Slayer? XD.

  17. @Mitch

    I guess I never really noticed the skull on Dutch’s faceplate in ODST. I never really got into it that much so that’s probably why…i just kind of played it to play it.

  18. Damn, batman AA2 is going to be awesome. Greenday: Rockband is kind of a “meh” for me, their old stuff is good, but the new stuff is crap. Halo I’m sick of..
    Something else new, (newer then the VGA’s) Is “the Passing” DLC for L4D2 was announced today. You can read the details off steam, but it includes both the old and new survivors 😮

  19. Well I’m waiting for my rock band: clutch

    @Julez: Valve is still the old valve, they were just high when they did L4D2. You just have to look at Ep.3 to see they still follow Valve Time.

  20. X-wing series was awesome. I just have to say that.
    I think Green Day might just be a counter-point of the Beatles. Old and new. But seriously, Rock Band:Led Zeppelin would be kickass. Also, is green day going to be an AC/DC thing or more like the beatles, a full blown game?

  21. Sorry for the double comment, but are you guys going to publish a MW2 review? I would like to know your opinions on it.

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