Time Magazine’s Top 10 Games of the Year is Mostly Right

modern_warfare2Uh oh, a top ten list from a mainstream magazine? I don’t know about you guys, but I am always curious to see what the “normie” think of us geeks and our nerdy pastime. Time magazine released their list of the top ten games of 2009 and I have to say, it’s not bad. The problem is when they get a game wrong, they really get it wrong! Take a look for yourself, but DJ Hero at #3? Uncharted 2 at #10? What the hell is up with that? Oh and they also imply that Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place moments after The Dark Knight ends.

It’s these kinds of things that have me wondering if they are even paying attention or just using Google a whole lot. They also say that New Super Mario Bros Wii is “so much fun it might supplant DJ Hero as the go-to party game.” Ok, wtf? Honestly, I can’t even begin to defend that. For Time, it seems hype makes might. I have not met anyone who has played DJ Hero, let alone with a group of friends. But Time must have seen the commercial on TV and that was good enough for them.

Enough ranting, I will allow you guys to look at it yourselves. Am I crazy or this list just a bit off?


Source: Time Magazine

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8 thoughts on “Time Magazine’s Top 10 Games of the Year is Mostly Right”

  1. Modern Warfare 2 is the most overrated game this year.

    Where was Dawn of War: 2?

    Left 4 Dead: 2?

    Dragon Age: Origins!

    Killing Floor?

  2. Yeah, I’ve only played 3 of the games on that list, but I can still tell you that Uncharted 2 is head and shoulders above both MW2 and Borderlands.

  3. Killing Floor is sweet, but there’s no way it’s making anyone’s top whatever of 2009.

    MW2 is such a safe bet for the top spot. It sold like hot cakes, so it must be good, right…?

  4. Here’s my thoughts:

    10. Uncharted 2 – Haven’t played it but I don’t think I have heard a bad word said about it. Deserves a higher spot.

    9. Assassin’s Creed 2 – Haven’t played, again it looks awesome. Probably deserves a higher spot.

    8. Halo 3: ODST – Played a bit of at a friends, not enough to make me a fan. Still seems like money spinner to me.

    7. Scribblenauts – Worst game purchase of my life, after three levels it’s repetitive and boring.

    6. Geo-Defense Swarm – This is when I stopped taking this list seriously.

    5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Meh, played this in the store the other day. It seems like the kind of game you have to play with friends, I don’t have four controllers or three willing friends. Shouldn’t be on the list.

    4. Borderlands – I liked this quite a bit, I had friends to play with but actually preferred SP. I still wouldn’t put it in a top ten list because it’s pretty poor in most aspects.

    3. DJ Hero – I have played enough guitar hero to know anything in which you hold a piece of plastic doesn’t belong on a top 10 list.

    2. Batman: Arkham Asylum – I pretty much agree with this, if not a tad lower. Very nice game worth every penny.

    1. Modern Warfare 2 – Without going too into it, let’s just say I’m glad I rented this one. Nice game, too short.

    This list pretty much seems like a casual gamer trying to write a list.

  5. Ugh, can’t say it’s close to mine. Uncharted 2 deserves higher as does AC2. Borderlands is one of my fave games this year, but they made BOLD claims about it. Arkham Asylum was a tad too high, maybe 5th/6th. Also, RE5. One of my fave co-op games this year (Borderlands wins in THAT respect).

  6. Blech! My only hope is that seeing as AC2 comes out in 2010 for PC, it could win it / be on the top 10 nex year when it rocks the platform it belongs on =D. . .

    MW2 so overrated. It deserves 100th for no dedicated servers (I laughed and cheered during the Web Zeroes on Wednesday btw).

    At least the DJ Hero picture showed Daft Punk! I was worried the devs would over look them. I’ll give this a spin at a friends house eventually.

  7. I will tell you I was biased against DJ Hero before I played it, and it’s almost nothing like GH. It really is a fun and intuitive experience, and is much different than the GH formula. So before you pass bias on it due to GH, give it a try.

  8. James Freeman,

    New Super Mario Bros Wii deserves to be on the list. If you read my review, I played it alone the whole way through and it was a blast.

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