Dead Space 2 Confirmed!

When your magazine is owned by one of the largest video game retailers on the continent it naturally means that you’re going to have a bunch of exclusive info crop up in your publication. Game Informer has, over the last year, dropped a lot tantalizing data on the games we want and the January issue is going to be no different.

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise, given that the original didn’t sell nearly as well as EA hoped, Dead Space is getting a sequel and there’s going to be quite a few changes in store for everyone’s favorite space-zombie killing mute. First off all, Isaac is able to talk in the sequel, so perhaps he’ll start telling off all the people who insist he repair a toilet on the other side of a necromorph-infested space station. Other changes include the ability to float while in zero-g and fire your weapons as well. The game is going to take place on a space station called “Sprawl”, which is apparently going to be much larger than the Ishimura was in the first game.

Perhaps the biggest shake-up is the inclusion of multiplayer this time around. No one knows what it consists of at this point, but a lone man surviving against waves of player-controlled necromorphs would be pretty banging. Team Death Match and CTF game types are probably a safe bet, but we’ll have to wait for the January issue of Game Informer to get all the details.

What do you guys think of Dead Space getting a sequel? Are you excited that EA is giving the franchise another try? How do you feel about multiplayer and what do you expect from this second go-around?

Source: Kotaku

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7 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 Confirmed!”

  1. Isaac can talk? Huzzah! I’m not surprised that a sequel is coming out. It would be financially irresponsible not to release one seeing as sequels tend to do quite well. I’m loving the new look of Isaac’s suit, very badass. Cortez would be impressed. While I’m not exactly sure what to think of multiplayer, RE5 did work well in co-op so maybe you get a random engineer assigned when you play co-op. Or maybe it could be a L4D/Nazi Zombies esque mode where 4 players have to survive against standard AI Necromorphs and player controlled special ones (e. The regenerator, those tall things, a pregant or even the black-standard Necromorphs).

  2. You know, I’m excited about the sequel (I need to finish the first one), but multiplayer everything can suck it.

    Example: I loved Uncharted 2. I’d give it our top rating on the single player alone. I didn’t even touch multiplayer until I was done with the single player campaign, and when I did, the experience felt soulless compared to the richness of story and character in the main part of the game. It obviously didn’t help that I immediately felt horribly out of my depth because the multiplayer learning curve is so steep for new players like me.

  3. See, I loved the Uncharted 2 MP. I was in the beta and I played it non-stop.

    I am willing to give Dead Space MP a shot. I would like to see less fetch quests in the single-player campaign, as I said in my review.

  4. [quote comment=”9408″]See, I loved the Uncharted 2 MP. I was in the beta and I played it non-stop.[/quote]

    See, I wonder if that was the problem. Even though I didn’t take too long to complete single player, I felt like everyone else in MP was a whip-ass veteran that I had no chance against. If they all played the beta, that might have been why.

  5. @ JJ there were some people who reached ridiculous ranks in the beta. Then they re-earned everything again in the 1st weekend (seemingly)!

  6. Me, being a fan of Dead Space, am obviously excited for this. Although I can’t bring myself to play the game. I tried once and I was paralyzed with fear, I guess I just get scared wayy to easy. But I do love the backstory of Dead Space and I look forward to the development of Issac Clarke

  7. JJ,

    When I first started the beta, I felt the same. Then I adjusted, stopped playing it like every FPS, used cover and kicked ass. I would give it another shot, b/c I was Mr. Skeptical and I loved it.

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