Mass Effect 2 Features the Dreaded Disc Swap

We all know Mass Effect 2 is going to be, ahem, massive, but just how gargantuan is the upcoming sci-fi epic? Chris Priestly, community coordinator at BioWare, mentioned on the game’s official forums that Mass Effect 2 is going to be a two-disc game, three if you’re picking up the collector’s edition.

PC owners get the benefit of only using two discs for install, but 360 players will have to experience the awful exchange mid-game. It’s not going to be so bad though, as Priestly went on to break down just how the two-disc system is going to play out:

“Even though there is a disc swap, it occurs at a carefully planned place in the game (that does not interfere with gameplay) and is done once,” Priestly wrote on the Mass Effect 2 forums. “You do not swap back and forth. 1 swap and then done.”

Well, that’s a relief. I honestly don’t mind swapping discs, but it has been a while since I’ve needed to do that. The way I figure it, the more discs you use, the less time you spend in elevators. How do you guys feel? Is this a big deal for you, or not so much? Are you excited by the prospect of the sequel being so immense that it requires more than one disc?

Source: Kotaku

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14 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 Features the Dreaded Disc Swap”

  1. Basically everything I’ve heard about this game just makes me want it more, including (somehow) this. I do wonder if you could avoid the swap by just installing the damn thing on your HD. Probably no such luck. Bastards!

  2. Meh, We (PC Gamers) have to swap discs during installation which can some times take forever before we even get to play. I’ve never minded a simple 1-time disc switch midgame. MGS Did it, and it was totally worth while.

    I haven’t played much of Mass Effect, but like in WZ, I’d rather have a load screen than a stupid Elevator.

  3. OH NO! The end is nigh!

    This isn’t a big deal. I swapped discs all the time during the PS1 era.

    With lots of therapy, I was able to make it.

  4. Personally, I don’t mind a disc swap as long as it’s not in the middle of a big battle. If they say it’s planned so that it doesn’t interfere with gameplay, I’m all for it.

  5. Yeah, this really isn’t a big deal. Personally, it makes me more excited to play it. Dragon Age is 60 hours+ and was on one disc, so it makes me pumped about how much content might be in Mass Effect 2.

  6. On the topic of swapping discs, I’ve finally got round to FF7 again. Kinda entered a dull period on disc 2. I hope disc 3 does some awesome stuff.

  7. Even if I were planning on getting Mass Effect 2, it wouldn’t bother me. First of all, even if I were to buy it retail, I can live with switching disks. If you can’t live with a few seconds extra seconds while installing a game (I’m on a PC), which is a one-time occurrence, provided you don’t need to wipe your hard drive, then you really need to learn some patience.

    Anyway, I get most of my games on Steam, so I don’t have to bother with disks much anymore.

  8. I assume that more than it being longer it means everything will be more fleshed out like side missions and whatnot.

    I’ll just install it and then i won’t have to worry about changing discs.

  9. i was always going to buy ME2, so the news that it needs 2 disc to install it doesnt bother me (im a PC gamer). Like eddy said, it just makes me think about how much extra content is in it. and besides if i could handle the 4, thats right 4 discs, needed to install KOTOR 2, then ME2’s 2 discs will be a cake walk.

    and on the subject of the elevators, i must be in the minority, because i didnt mind them at all. i never used the quick transport system in the citadel because i enjoyed listening to my party interact with each other. even the news stories that were broadcast about the (side)quests were an interesting touch

  10. Haha, this reminds of the olden days of huge RPG epics. Good times. I’m still not getting ME2. So suck it.

  11. Me personally, I think this is awesome. Granted I won’t be able to play it myself, but it just gives me nostalgia of the good ol days, when good games were packed into 8 discs and we had to walk up snow covered hills so we can pour gasoline into our fuel powered gaming systems. Really brings me back, y’know?

  12. No big deal. I have a few GCN games that required disc swaps. Anyone that complains about this is lazy, among other things. =)

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