On Glitches and Cheating

Modern Warfare 2 is an incredibly fun experience online, whether you’re grouping up in one of the few rooms that allows party chat or going lone wolf like I tend to. The game is consistently rewarding, and I rarely feel frustrated to a degree where I consider quitting.

That used to be the case until a new exploit in the game became all the rage. You may have experienced a scenario where an enemy soldier sprints towards you with a Javelin launcher equipped, intent on suicide. You pop a few rounds into him, mutely thanking the newbie for an easy kill. Just as you begin gloating, the oncoming adversary explodes and takes you down with him. By using some sneaky controller manipulating, the griefer is essentially turned into a human bomb with a dead man’s switch. Killing him causes the Javelin to go off, triggering a massive explosion.

Fortunately, this new way to show your immaturity is being patched, and those who are caught using it face bans. This got me thinking, however. As much as this glitch peeves me, there are some legitimate things in Modern Warfare 2, and other games besides, that aren’t exploits per se but are incredibly underhanded.

To stick with MW2, there’s a class load-out which consists of using Marathon, Lightweight and Commando, essentially making you a teleporting knife-wielding cheetah. It’s totally legitimate, but totally cheap. This sort of thing isn’t just confined to MW2, though. A long time ago while I was playing World of Warcraft with a friend, he was challenged to a duel which he accepted. My friend plays a Paladin healer, so he won by way of healing himself constantly. The other player accused him of cheating and threatened to report him, but the Paladin’s healing ability is in the game.

What I’m getting to is this: when is something that is included in a game considered cheating or being unfair and when is it justified? Have you guys run across any “features” that have made you want to reach through the internet and slap your aggressor? Where do you draw the line between glitching and playing the game legitimately? Share some experiences, if you like.

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  1. Let’s go back to the God Father of online gameplay, shall we? Counter-Strike.

    Our server rules consist of a few rules that shouldn’t be broken; and therefore are all equal in our eyes (i.e. kick/temp ban/perm ban)

    We treat Racism (rule 1) the same as Crouch-Hopping (all the rage of asshats) and Bunny-Hopping.

    Yeah, Sure, It’s possible the game. It’s easily exploitable, doable, and apparently “I DO IT IN CAL SO YOU’RE THE N00B IF YOU C4NT DO IT!”….

    Our rules are, if you’re making the game ‘LESS FUN’ for everyone else, you might aswell be hacking. If youre just here to try hard, go find a f*cking scrim… we don’t want you.

    This is where IW fucked up. No server support for PC = no admins/banning/rule enforcing.

    this is easily 75% of any good online game… so I say poo to them.

    for those of you stuck playing online console games, let them exploit whatever they can find. If the devs care, they’ll patch it. If not, get lame enough to learn the same shit and use it against them.

    end of the day: we’re talking about 14 year olds with 2 weeks off from school for holidays. They’ll find some way to frustrate us ‘old men’ for still loving games.

  2. Well, you couldn’t ask an admin to ban the bastard, that used “martydrom” in ww2. Or the gulf war. Or when someone uses a sniper to kill you, you won’t be able to bitch about it. And you wouldn’t mind keeping your own arse alive if it included even the use of an “AWP”, or an rpg or anything else that is considered “cheating”.

    I’ve come across a lot of servers in mw/2 and css that punish players who use certain abilities. And I think that it’s BS. No matter what kind of special abilities you use, the main factor in the fail/success of your game is your own skill. The opponents skill may also interfier your results, but if you’re a noob, you’re always going to be a noob.

  3. Word, Anthony. It’s true that an exploit this egregious should have been caught during development. You’ve got to remember, though, that just as no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, no game survives grief-free long after its release.

    Hell, IWNet isn’t nearly as hack-proof as IW claimed. The point is, testing isn’t perfect. I mean, DICE probably would have never thought that dolphin diving or bunny hoping would have been a problem before release.

  4. It’s a glitch. You have to pull out your launcher, prime a grenade then pull out your launcher again. It can be done even if you have no ammo left for your launcher.

  5. AWP.

    Why? Because when half the server buys this gun you can’t go more than a few steps without getting pegged. Soon the game devolves into AWP strike. Now, I wouldn’t mind the AWP if relatively few people bought it (like 1 per team) but when you have more AWPers than you do people with other guns, something is messed up.

    The best is in hostie maps when the camper CTs accuse the Ts of camping because they won’t run outside and get sniped.
    Clearly, the real sniper rifle of the game should be the scout.

  6. Well well well. Exploits, glitches, and noobocity. Hax are one thing because they are in fact bullshit Ahmad-killing pieces of patheticism. Exploits, glitches, and noobocity, however, are all technically legit, but are so underhanded, cheap, and game-breaking at times that it makes the game unplayable.
    I’ve had to deal with game after game of that damn Javvy glitch today, and I got so frustrated because I didn’t have a goddamn Javvy! Whether or not I had the tools or technique to exploit the glitch, it’s all bullshit. No one wants a game to dissolve in Javvy bomb raids, AWP strikes, or drop-shooting fests. It’s so annoying because in order to play the game and do well enough to simply not die left and right, you have to lower yourself to using all the exploits and glitches and noob weapons that everyone else uses because they’re too much of bitches to use SMG’s and the stuff that doesn’t make every game boring deathfests. It’s about ruining the game’s playability, skill, and fun.


    And that’s really the only 3 words that matter.

  7. I find it annoying that Microsoft is doing a bunch of bans for MW2 glitchers, but never once began bans on players who glitched in Gears 1 and 2, both games that were plagued with glitches. The Call of Duty franchise is kinda like the Tom Brady of the video game industry, getting excessive attention and extra protection which is unfair to other games and their respective players.

  8. I understand banning people for hacking, thats fine… but glitching is something different. I feel banning people for glitching is a bit over the line :\

    And… matrydom anyone? I’m actually perfectly fine with it in MW2 since it takes the most deaths to trigger comparing it to other death streaks.

    But what I hate about IW is how they teased us PC gamers saying ‘A big update is coming guys! Watch out!’
    Where we respond, ‘OMGYAY Dedicated servers?!’
    And they reply, ‘No, we’re taking out the javelin glitch’
    ‘Oh… how’s this a big update?’

    I actually never learned about the javelin glitch until the morning before the PC patch came out and never saw anyone use it beforehand. Oh well, doesn’t bother me. What still bothers me is OMFG IWNET… and host migration is so annoying… not for console players, but comparing it to never having to do it before, yah it sucks. It’s like trading a 10$ (dedicated servers) for a 1$ (IW net).

  9. Video games are the Infinite monkey theorem at work. Given enough time gamers will find ways to exploit the system/ find ways to cheat. Now that javelin glitch is pretty low but in defense of the guys at IW, I’m sure they guys tested the game as best as they could for exploits but you can never get into the mindset of a determined cheater hell bent on finding a way to cheat and screw over everyone else. As for the crazy fast knife setup. I hope some one finds a counter for that. I would suggest stopping power, slight of hand and a shotgun but I’m sure some one will find a better counter for this.

  10. Crazy knife is like double shotgun. There’s no real good way to counter (that I’ve found) except for learning how these guys work and anticipating their style. I flashbang every corner now, expecting somebody with two lever-action shotguns just waiting for my dumb ass.

  11. [quote comment=”9319″]Crazy knife is like double shotgun. There’s no real good way to counter (that I’ve found) except for learning how these guys work and anticipating their style. I flashbang every corner now, expecting somebody with two lever-action shotguns just waiting for my dumb ass.[/quote]
    Heart Beat sensor might help will a knife attack against a shield be a one hit kill I have not used the shield at all.

  12. Ask yourself this, Is running around with a knife slaughtering everyone any different from camping? They are both legitimate strategies in my eyes.

  13. This is nothing new. There was a glitch in the Creek map in MW1’s DLC pack, in which people could sit inside a cliff face and shoot through it and kill people, while others cannot locate and kill the offender. People will do what it takes to win, I suppose, and while it’s annoying as all hell, i’ll just leave and find a new match.

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