EA Announces New Medal of Honor

The game announcements for Spike’s Video Game Awards keep piling up this year as Halo: REACH, TRON, and Star Wars have all dropped teaser trailers on us. This new one comes from the Medal of Honor series which is getting a complete reboot, taking the franchise out of World War II and setting it in modern conflict in Afghanistan. Little is known about the game so far except that the multiplayer is being crafted by Battlefield creators DICE and the character designs may or may not feature giant beards. Check out the teaser below.

How do you guys feel about this? Is it too little too late for Medal of Honor? Are any of you actually going to tune in to the VGAs this year, or just wait until all the trailers are put up on YouTube?

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3 thoughts on “EA Announces New Medal of Honor”

  1. No gaming hero can outbadass Captain Price in terms of warfare… of all timelines… WW2… modern warfare… i bet if infinity ward made a future warfare, Cpt. Price would be in it.

  2. If its like MoH Rising Sun with co-op then I will definitely get it. Me and my friend spent at least 100 hours on his ps2 playing it.

  3. Cowboy easily wins with his epic beard.

    Also, MoH games aren’t bad, and maybe a change of time is a good thing. By the way, IW came from EA, most of which worked on MoH: Allied Assault.

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