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dragon-ageOver the weekend, I did something I tend to do whenever I am slapped in the mouth with a good RPG: I played the junk out of it. The culprit this time around was Dragon Age: Origins, and I seriously jumped in to the thing completely, putting about 20 hours or more in within just a few days. This typically happens with Bioware games. Funny how that works out.

Anyway, last night I stay up particularly late because I sense that at 60 hours of play time, I’m nearing the game’s end. So, I make my preparations, I tackle the awesome final battle, and I get to the best part of any RPG- the last boss, which in this case, is a rather sweet demon/dragon. I battled long and hard, and ultimately, smote my foe. At this point, I kick back, and I get ready for the ending of the game (of which there are 4 possible).

About a minute into it, suddenly, my game freezes. Just like that. Right in the middle of the load screen. At this point, I’m annoyed and tired, but I decide that it’s not that big of a deal. So, I reload the final boss fight, which takes a few minutes, and prepare to do battle again. Now, this boss fight is no walk in the park. It takes about 10-15 minutes. Well, halfway through the second attempt, my game freezes again. I threw the controller down in frustration and went to bed.

So now, I’m tired and have not finished Dragon Age. The worst of both worlds. When’s the last time you guys felt this kind of frustration when gaming? Go!

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    1. @nevertell:

      Ha, yes. Yes it was. Make of that what you will. While it may have been a factor, I’ve actually had quite a few issues with Bioware games being particularly buggy.

      @II brook II:

      Yeah that thing is rough. Reminds me of last week, when I was playing MW2, I got checkpointed in the final mission at a spot where my thrown grenade was blowing up the objective, thus resulting in a game over screen. I was stuck on an infinite loop and had to start the whole mission over.

  1. A few days ago I finally decided to finish my thousand score of CoD4. So I jump in and beat the last story level on veteran, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, so that made me really happy. Then came the mile high club…the only thing standing between me and my first thousand score game. I played that level over, and over, and over for an hour. Getting really close several times but every time I would die (most of the time for stupid reasons). I don’t know if I’ve ever been so frustrated as a gamer in my life. The only time that might come close is the final battle on Half Life 2: Episode 2, that one frustrated me to no end as well.

  2. I burned through MW2 on Veteran last week, and man, did some parts of that game really chap my ass. Takedown is the obvious one, but the Estate mission actually made me beat the stuffing out of my couch.

    When you’re running away from the house, and there’s enemies on both fronts and you can take very few bullets before dying when you know you’re going to *SPOILERS* die anyways…Argh, it makes me mad just thinking about it.

  3. Well I got AC2 on Friday and when trying to install it on my PS3 it stalled, led to a series of restarts and then my HDD wiped all my saves. Now, this isn’t TOO bad as Borderlands is the only save I’m sad about losing as the rest are backed up or (in the case of the Uncharteds) they give me a very good excuse to replay them. Also, years ago on Dark Cloud I got to the last boss, the game froze during a save = corrupted data. NOT COOL. I never completed it…

  4. Last time I got frustrated is when I was about to beat the first Favela level in MW2 (unless the the mission that starts out in the car isn’t). IW, in their infinite wisdom, not only kept the automatic checkpoint system, but also made it so you have to actually press Save and Quit for it to load up your last checkpoint if you click the resume button. And about 2 weeks ago, my graphics card started cutting up (maybe because none of the drivers released work for it?). So, I was about to finish the mission when my game froze up and I had to restart my computer…which made me start the WHOLE mission over again.

    I guess this just reiterates that, even with “moron-proof” games like MW2, you STILL need to manually save the game.

  5. While having to defeat the last boss over and over again is setting the bar excruciatingly high, I have a story of similar caliber of frustration.
    I was a happy little boy. It was my first game of Pokemon that I played when I was only several years old. I had just exited Victory Road and was about to fight the Elite Four. I was excited to see how my Charizard and company would stack up against the best Pokemon in the game (aside from the Legendaries). It was at night, mind you, and I was playing with the lamp on the covers drawn over the lamp and me so my parents couldn’t see. I decided to call it a night and wake up early the next morning to enter the Elite Four. Come morrow, I was ecstatic and quickly turned on my gameboy as soon as I woke up. As the power light flashed on, the screen began to alter, a high pitched noise blared, and I quickly performed a hard reset. I turn on my Gameboy again, and it works fine…until I go to the save menu to see NEW GAME at the top.
    The file had been corrupted. My entire journey had been lost.

    I cried for days. And then I discovered the Zelda games. So it has a nice ending, since I loved the GB Zelda games and did NOT lose them to corruption. Nowadays I have played Pokemon through several times without any bugs that horrible, so at least the game still has good memories…other than totally crushing me.

  6. Today when i was trying to complete far cry 2 (I have had for probably over a year just cba to get the time to complete,) so im doing all good play for about 2 hours. I save at some point where i use handgliders cos they are like playing russian rolet. everything is good i tackle a base but some person fires a morter at me all good 1 bar left, then i run out into the open this gunboat with a grenade launcher is sitting there i just think “son of a bitch”. but its all good i have a buddy rescue so she comes heals me up kill the base all good. making my way to an assasination mission to get more money for more guns yay. Im running to a guard post to kill get info the whole shabaz, theres a river and i think “run+jump=splosh” but i didnt look and see the rocks, i break my legs, die now im like “when was last time saved” 1 hour ago. Just anoying, doesnt help that i know how the game ends but havent seen it.

  7. Well, the most recent one was due to a Viral-caused loss of data. I mentioned many times a few months back about losing my Fallout 3 Data about 30 hours into exploring.. and having to restart. That was the most recent. Luckily, its one of the only games i’ve ever played that was worth starting over again at that point.

    Eddy: “I got checkpointed in the final mission at a spot where my thrown grenade was blowing up the objective, thus resulting in a game over screen. I was stuck on an infinite loop and had to start the whole mission over.”

    ^ This reminds me of the worst ever. … PC Games that have “auto-saves”.. what a bad idea. MAFIA was a great game, but I got auto-saved on the LAST mission with 1 HP… and couldn’t beat it. I gave up, and I think 2 years later I finally reinstalled it again and finished it. Luckily, the game was awesome…

    Hmmm … That sounds good right now.

  8. ahhh, very similar to MW2 for me. It kept crashing *SPOILERS* after the waterfall where you shoot down the hele, over and over and over. I had to replay the mission just for it to crash again. Turned out my graphic settings were too high?!?!?! Even though the whole game had played fine prior.

    Other than that, I NEVER completed the original Commandos game, the final mission was impossible! Might get that out at the weekend, see if I can sink it!

  9. me n my friend were competing in lvls in multiplayer at MW2… but now… my card got the code 43! I heard it was some screw up in an update… either the updated driver or the updated windows…. Either way… i’ve been looking near and far for a solution but I think I’m just going to have to buy a new card 🙁 I didn’t even have it for a whole year.

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