Posthumous Mercenaries Video Becomes Real Game

When Pandemic Studios closed a while back, some information accompanied the closure regarding the future of Pandemic’s intellectual properties, including the open-world destruct-a-thon Mercenaries. The official press release stated that these brands would live on under EA, and it looks like they’re making good on their promise. A video leaked this morning of some gameplay for Mercenaries. Inc, a “multi-player sandbox title” that had apparently been in development for some time. This video is a couple months old, mind you, but it shows classic Mercenaries action, just with a multi-player twist.

The game was announced officially in the wake of the video via Pandemic’s official forum. How does it look to you guys? Admittedly the last Mercenaries game wasn’t that great, but it did shine in co-op. If they could just remove that damn tether, I still have enough good will left for this series to give it a go.

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5 thoughts on “Posthumous Mercenaries Video Becomes Real Game”

  1. I’m glad EA are keeping the Mercs IP. This looks interesting and I hope it can deliver. I liked Mercs 2 (my friend loaned me it) and yea, that bastard tether was annoying. I hope that will be addressed in future installments!

  2. It’s awesome to see this cause I just got out the ol ps2 out and I was playing mercenaries 1 just today. but this looks like it is fundamentally mercenaries 2 with new stuff and multiplayer.

  3. MERCS 1 was ahead of it’s time.. Mercs 2 was simply forgettable.

    Did we talk about EA taking over EIDOS?… How about that damnit? Dues Ex 3 is getting closer and closer by the day… <3

  4. Oops! Up too late, you’re right Mitch, it was Square Enix. I saw a little feature on EP the other day talking about SE’s awesome Cinematics and it got me extra excited for Deus Ex 3.

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