DeLorean in Crysis = Awesome

Crysis was an underappreciated gem, in my opinion, and one of the most endearing facets of this game was that it was fairly easy to mod. During my time with Crytek’s military sci-fi shooter, I saw some pretty neat stuff, but nothing that could combine my love of video gaming with one of my favorite movies. Today, I finally get my wish. Check out the following video which features a DeLorean in Crysis. Does it travel through time? Maybe. You’ll have to find out.

1.21 Gigawatts?!

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4 thoughts on “DeLorean in Crysis = Awesome”

  1. I hardly thing it was underappreciated when it was rewarded with numerous Game of the Year awards and got a 98 on PC Gamer, the highest score tied with Half Life 2… I just think it was muchly underplayed since no computer could run the monster of a game.

  2. Never played it. Don’t know whats going on besides the awesome that is Back To The Future on a video game. There’s something tingling in me that says shooter+cars+mods+time travel=the next epic idea for the twisted metal series (cars+guns was awesome back then).

  3. WOW. Such a sweet mod.

    But I couldn’t agree more with wargeragon – such an over-rated game that barely ran on even the highest end machines when it came out. Sure, it was fun… But far from any GOTY…

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