Who’s Getting Left 4 Dead 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2?

l4d2Though they might have been slightly overshadowed by the walking titan we know as Modern Warfare 2, two rather large games are making their presence known this week. One of them is a title that has had some silly controversy around it, and another is a sequel to a less than stellar but promising original IP that might turn into something more. I’m speaking of Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2, of course.

While I’m not one of the boycotters for L4D2, I still don’t have much desire to pick it up at all. I kind of burned myself out on the zombie slaying with the first game, so I’m having trouble mustering up enough gumption to go out and buy the thing. And while I was one of the few who enjoyed Assassin’s Creed, the sequel doesn’t intrigue me all that much, though I’ll probably give it a rental.

So what about you guys? Who out there is getting either of these games?

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10 thoughts on “Who’s Getting Left 4 Dead 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2?”

  1. I’m actually getting both, so I’ll make up for your lack of consumer fortitude, Eddy. Left 4 Dead 2 is pre-loading as I speak, and I’m picking up Assassin’s Creed II after a dentist appointment tomorrow so I can set it up in front of my monitor at work and stare at it. Man, I have bought way too many games this past month and a bit. I’m also buying Star Trek. Hope nobody is expecting a Christmas gift from me…

  2. I’ve got 3 other friends who are purchasing L4D2 and we’re going to do a weekend LAN at my place. Left4Dead is just not meant to be played alone with 3 CPU’s…

    “I was one of the few who enjoyed Assassin’s Creed” — WHAT?!? Almost everyone I know that actually played this game loved it. I can’t wait for the sequel. (BTW: Why haven’t you guys posted anything about the AC: Lineage video? 35 minutes of live action video game lead-up? C’mon!)

    “Assassin’s Creed is a special game. It’s the kind of game you tell your friends and family about even if they’re not into games.” – Kevin Van Ord, First line of the Gamespot video review. That’s exactly how I responded.

  3. I pre-ordered L4D2 as soon as I could, played the shit out of the demo, played as the Boss Infected with the community exploit and preloaded it as soon as it hit Steam. Got up at 5 a.m. in Portugal to play it, because it was released at midnight EST.
    So… I am sleepy, tired and my eyes burn, but I’m full of awesome memories from the first play-through.
    I’m awesome, Valve, and you know it.

  4. Renting AC2 because I have my doubts about them “listening to the community” and not buying L4D2 for various reasons the main being that I’m poor and the demo didn’t justify me spending £40 for the same game as last year.

  5. As i type im waiting for my fourth friend to come online after waiting in a chat room to play l4d2 through tonight. good bye social life for this week. see you soon.

  6. I’m sure eveyone knows my answer to L4D2. I’ll definitely get AC2 somewhere down the line (maybe not straight away). Also, Eddy if very few people enjoyed Assassian’s Creed, then why did it a) sell so well and b) warrant a sequel? There are plenty of people in my school who thoroughly enjoyed it. I did too, but there were problems. The sequel seems to address them though.

  7. I preordered L4D2 with 3 other friends so I got it for half price which wasnt bad. It also has a lot more going for it than the original so it was definitely worth it.

  8. I’m getting AC2, but not L4D2. I liked Assassin’s Creed (just not all at once), and the developers said they’d improved it (though I remember IW saying they would take care of the infinitely spawning enemies in CoD, and it seems to me like they didn’t, so I’m taking a leap of faith-or does that phrase say I’m really eager to get the game?-getting AC2, since developers like to lie). If I ever feel like getting back into killing zombies, I’ll get Killing Floor. I played it on the free weekend Steam had, and found it fun, but I’ll only get L4D2 if I’m REALLY bored.

    And I know I said I really want to get it before. Can’t I change my mind?

  9. I’m getting both! MW2, L4D2, and AC2 will last me this whole year definitely.
    MW2 is my source of kickass multiplayer and spec ops, L4D2 is another source of MP, but if I’m a co-op mood, and AC2 is for my parkour hardcore adventure story fix. Good stuff, all 3 games. Great stuff. Awesome stuff. Incredible Stuff. Omgasmic Stuff.

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