New Super Marios Bros. Trick Video

This game just came out, and there’s already a pretty sweet video showing three players carting Luigi across the level while the lazy ingrate does nothing. Check out the video and prepare to be astounded, bedazzled and other-wise stupefied.

Apparently there’s all sorts of fun to be had with this title, so I’m going to have to dust my Wii off and give it a go. Anyone else pick this up, or is thinking of picking it up?

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9 thoughts on “New Super Marios Bros. Trick Video”

  1. Finally, a game that’s worth the time invested. This is a reason to get a Wii I think…

    I just finished MW2 in 5 hours on Hardened… I just want a game that lasts me more than one sitting =/.

  2. [quote comment=”9108″]Pop quiz: What is Marios surname?[/quote]
    His surname is Mario I believe. Therefore he is ‘Mario Mario’

  3. Quote from the all-knowing wikipedia – “Nintendo has never revealed Mario’s full name, stating only that it was not “Mario Mario” despite the implication of the Mario Bros. series’ title”

  4. @ supernovaforce
    I was only going by what I’ve been told by the Mario film lol.
    Also, Anthony, I’m not usually a 2D game fan, so will I like this Mario game? Or should I wait for someone else to tire of it and nab it off them?

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