Final Fantasy XIII Drops in March

Has hell frozen over? Are pigs flying? Are Republicans and Democrats holding hands in the streets? The only reason I ask is because Final Fantasy XIII (and no the number on the end doesn’t represent the development cycle) finally has itself a good and proper release date. Imagine that! The game drops on March 9th, 2010 in the US and Europe.

Is anyone else pumped about this? Which console will you buy the game for? Playstation 3 here. Sticking to my roots. Also, check out the new trailer for the game, which rules.

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4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Drops in March”

  1. YES! EUROPE EXISTS IN SQURE’S EYES! : D I’m glad games are becoming more frequently released in Europe closer to the time of other territories. With games like Brütal Legend and MW2 getting worldwide releases and Uncharted 2’s releases close together, Europeans aren’t getting shafted quite as often. Lets hope when the next generation of consoles (YEARS from now hopefully) don’t repeat Sony’s huge fuck-up with the PS3

  2. I guess I could be classified as a semi 360-fanboy, but I’m getting this for PS3, no doubt.

    It’s not (a 3D) Final Fantasy w/o a DualShock.

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