Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer

‘Nuff said, really. Check it out.

Wait, is that guy in space?

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18 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer”

  1. Pretty sick, and that song totally took me by suprise, when they started rapping, anyone know the name?

    As far as the game, the hype looks up to it, I especially love the tank rolling down the stereotypical suburb.

  2. Why Eminem? Why… Jesus.

    Don’t get me wrong I am EXTREMELY excited for this game, but to call it “most anticipated of the decade”… Not for me.

    Also, It’s just COD4 with new maps; which is a good thing. I’m just really surprised how many people are treating this like a brand new thing.

    Why didn’t you guys do a topic on the big news deal about the controversial suicide bomber / shooting civilians stuff? I know a video game is getting ridiculous news shit when my Mom asks me about a game at a sunday BBQ…

  3. “Wait, is that guy in space?”
    Yup. I think its like same as the second lvl on cod4 (your looking trough eyes of the president before he gets killed) You cant play yourself but.. *SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE OTHER VIDEO* you can see how the nuclear missile explodes right above US, probably Houston. *SPOILER ENDS*

  4. That was a perfect example of an amazing trailer. Like said above, the rap was surprising, but also surprisingly it fit well. I can’t wait to play this game. Midnight launch her I come!

  5. [quote comment=”8979″]Pretty sick, and that song totally took me by suprise, when they started rapping, anyone know the name?

    Until I collapse – Eminem when he was on top of his game

  6. This looks…incredible.

    DO WANT.

    And I’m getting it too. Pre-ordered a copy and as soon as my last exam is done (12/11) guess where I’m going?

    PLEASE IW…no more surprises…it looks amazing already.

  7. God, Eminem sucks so much. Good song, Just such a douche.

    This game looks amazing. It is the most preordered game in Gamestop’s history, so that might be called the most anticpated game of all time.

    And it’s not just Cod4 with new maps, there is so much new content it’s crazy.

  8. Yeah, that rap kind of threw me for a loop, but there was that rap at the end of CoD4, so..Kind of appropriate, I guess?

    Anyways, Julez, the reason that I didn’t make a news story about the airport shooting is that I think that’s something better discussed within the context of the full game. There’s no denying that it’s bound for controversy on a “Mass Effect” level (and perhaps beyond), but I’d rather see how the game handles it within the story first.

    I can’t speak for anyone else here, but that’s my reasoning at least.

  9. Mitch,

    yeah, but that rap song sucked, too,lol. It’s a minor issue.

    Mitch is correct, it would irresponsible to pass judgement or even speculate on the Airport Level without understanding how it fits into the entire story.

    But being irresponsible is the job of the mainstream media, (Fox News, ahem) just like with Mass Effect.

    Tell your mom the truth: no one knows and anyone reporting on it is doing so prematurely.

  10. Man, that trailer ruled me, even with no sound. After all the craziness and controversy going around about it, I have to admit I was starting to wonder about it, but this trailer really shows me why I was looking forward to it in the first place. Can’t believe it’s out next week.


    This is the video that FOX News has been raving about. While I can’t agree with everything they’ve said, I have to say, it truly is a jaw-dropping sight. I could hardly watch through the whole thing. I understand why IW would put this in though, to show the atrocities of terrorism and show what a few men could really do, it’s scary as hell, and it sure as hell isn’t the good guys doing this to everyone. Now then, now that we have that out of the way…

    This trailer is absolutely epic, up there with the likes of the Star Wars: The Old Republic “Decieved” trailer and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King trailer as well. The music (while maybe not perfect in lyricism) has an awesome beat that really makes me want to pick up this game and play it all the way through in one sit-down. I was never big in FPS single-player modes, but after the first Modern Warfare, I can hardly wait!

  12. Man, I really want to like this game, but…I just can’t. There’s just nothing that I’ve looked at and said, “Wow. I have never seen anything like that. I need this game!” Maybe that’s just because I value originality more than the average gamer, though.

    I can’t rely on reviews for it, either – with all the hype it’ll get 10’s left and right – so I don’t have any good way of deciding. Oh well.

  13. Jesus Fried-Chicken! 5 more days. oh my GOD!

    I am on the hype train.

    This was epic. But the one thing I just couldn’t shake was the soldiers jumping over the debris sliding at them (1:17 (Halo reference FTW!!!!)). It just blew me away. Well, I don’t know what else to say other than, I couldn’t be any more hyped-up

  14. @ Mitch and Anthony.

    I agree, and I’m glad we didn’t get into the news story thing. I was just saying I’m surprised because we do often get into very premature discussions here. It’s all in good fun.

    They got tired of reporting that you could beat up hookers with baseball bats in GTA, so they moved on. Infact, I’m a little bit surprised that it beat out GTA IV for Gamestop pre-orders. Good work IW, all the more power to them.

  15. Space explosions make more than enough up for Eminem. rofl I just jizzed so much, so I can’t wait for 11/10/09, and then Veteran’s Day. I’ll be playing all day thanks to our men and women in uniform. Thank you troops!

  16. 😀
    this describes my feelings for when i get this game. also i guess that that bit in space was when some scientists on the ISS were getting too rowdy so they called in the marines.

  17. I don’t really see the issue with using an Eminem song in the trailer, to me it oddly fit it, and I detest rap. I suppose it has its uses.

    I want to get this game but i’m getting L4D2 first. Money priorities, you know the deal.

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