Signs of the Apocalypse : Sega Making More Marvel Games

I never played the Iron Man game that corresponded with the movie from a year ago, but apparently it was so awful that every game journalist that had to review it quit the industry to become a hermit because their faith in mankind had been sundered.

Just to prove that the video game gods have a twisted sense of humor, Sega has again purchased the rights to two more Marvel properties: Captain America and Thor, the Norse god of Thunder. These games are set to tie in with the two movies starring these characters which will hit in 2011.

I really hate to speak ill of games right after they’ve been announced, but these two do seem destined for failure. Obviously, adopting a wait-and-see attitude is the best course of action, but the only thing Sega proved with Iron Man is that they really know how to bungle a movie tie-in.

Of course, not all Marvel movie games have been terrible (Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine come to mind) but I don’t know what kind of game you could do with the star-spangled Avenger or Thor. My guess would be a pair of pallet-swapped brawlers, but maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

My vote is that Rocksteady, developers of Batman: Arkham Asylum, should handle all super hero games forever. Alas, it’s no fun just reading my own thoughts on games that haven’t even come out yet; I want to know what you guys think! Should we condemn these games immediately to the nine hells of gaming, or do we give them a chance?

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5 thoughts on “Signs of the Apocalypse : Sega Making More Marvel Games”

  1. definitely agree that the arkham developers should be handling almost comic based video game (ultimate Alliance is an exception) but I would think it is not going to be that great because of their track record with iron man

  2. See, I played Iron Man, and I thought it was actually good. Only the 360 version, though. I thought the only downfall was how short it was, and how some of the levels are redundant, but I did play it alot, before it got destroyed.

  3. Personally never had any interest in the Cap’n nor Thor, and I can’t see these games (or movies, for that matter) changing my mind one bit. As you say, though, throw Rocksteady in the mix and I’d be intrigued at the least.

  4. Well, a lot of us were sceptical about the quality of Arkham Asylum until very late in development so who knows what could happen with these ga… oh wait, it’s SEGA. Never mind, Apocalypse inbound. At least it’s schedueled for ??/??/2011 and not 10/11/2009! lol (or for you Americans 11/10/09) : P We’ll suffer the rapture after MW2. Er, and in Bioshock 2 so the Rapture AFTER that one… I’m confused now.

  5. Meh, people buy crappy games every day (we all have guilty pleasures!). If the money goes towards funding later projects (hopefully in film), then I don’t care. Go ahead, make it, let the less intelligent fund later endeavours.

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