GamerSushi Asks: Scariest Games?

silent-hill-2In honor of Halloween, I figured it was time for at least a fright-filled question. Something to get the ball moving in between the costumes, candy and partying like rock stars.

One thing that people close to me know is that I’m a wuss when it comes to anything remotely scary. I don’t do well with horror movies in the slightest. Seriously. I scream like a girl and often times close my eyes or cover my ears when I sense that something scary is coming up in a movie I’m watching. Yes, the 6 foot tall latino dude is frightened and I’m sure it looks funny as hell.

Anyway, the same thing applies to scary games as well. I don’t handle them with any semblance of dignity. I think the scariest game I can ever remember playing is Silent Hill 2. My brother and I played it one weekend with the lights off, and I was barely even able to handle it.

So what about you guys? What’s the scariest game you’ve ever played? Or a particular moment that really freaked you out? Go!

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25 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Scariest Games?”

  1. Back in the day, Resident Evil 3 and Silent Hill Scared the shit outta me. My friend and I screaming nonstop.

    Since PC came into my life, Doom III and Penumbra sent my cousin and I into an instant coma. F.E.A.R was another one that kept my blood at a constant sub-zero temperature.

    Playing a game with another person that is as Tense as you probably intensifies the experience by 10 or 20 times.

    I’ve had 1 vs 1 Sniper Battles in COD4 last 40 minutes before either of us even get a kill just because we’re so carefully crawling around at 3 AM… Those were some of the best screams I’ve ever released.

    It really depends on who you’re playing with. Overall, I think DoomIII was one of the jumpiest games i’ve ever played.

  2. I haven’t played many scary games, also being somewhat of a wuss.

    However, there were two monsters in Resident Evil 4 which scared the beejeezus out of me the first time I saw them;

    The regenerator and the Blind dude with the huge sword (I forget the name)

    The regenerator was virtually impossible to kill unless you had a thermal scope or the infite-ammo Thompson (which could only be gotten on the 2nd or 3rd time around). They also uttered this stra

  3. Sorry for the double-post…

    They uttered this strange noise and would also kill you by sending hundreds of spikes out of their body and impaling you.

    The first time I saw the blind guys, I was like wtf?!?!?. They hurt. And they charge at sound, swinging like a maniac.

  4. I am exactly like you Eddy, and I played my first horror game a few years ago when FEAR came out. I had heard all the positive reviews about it and so I forced myself to check it out. And when I did I nearly shit myself. I remember a elevator scene made me scream in front of all my friends. But I think one game that might have topped that was Dead Space. On FEAR you’re scared by something that doesn’t try to kill you. Dead Space the scary stuff is trying to kill you AND you have very little ammunition.

  5. Yeah, FEAR 2 was pretty scary until I played Dead Space, which scares the bejesus out of me and made other games pale in comparison. The old Resident Evil games scared me back in the day, for sure.

  6. I played the Penumbra demo, and I was scared to death when all of a sudden ***spoilers*** and I had no weapons either…

    Luckily the demo ended right as that happened so I could go hide in a corner.

  7. Way back when, I played the original Alone in the Dark on PC. It looks so cartoony now, but it scared me so bad as I kid, I would always freeze up. Never made it past like the second hallway.

    Fatal Frame, though – that one might win the day as scariest in my book. The atmosphere combined with the combat mechanic, the disorientation of having to switch to that grainy camera view with little ability to maneuver, really hit my panic button.

    Dead Space was pretty intense, but as much of a wuss as I am, I actually made it through without getting overwhelmed by terror. Well, not more than a couple of times, anyway. The singing….*shudder*

  8. I = coward 2
    I’ve only played 2 horrory type games: RE4 and Dead Space. Dead Space didn’t scare me once. No joke. And, like rogue12, the regenerators make me shit a brick EVERY TIME. My friend does a perfect ‘regenerator breathing sound’. NOT fun in the dark.

  9. Oh man, I just remembered a couple of other ones.

    I remember in Resident Evil 1, when the dog jumps out of the window in that first hallway, I about peed myself.

    Also, the first time I played Gears of War, the Berserker really scared the crap out of me.

    Nice stories so far dudes. Keep ’em coming!

    And Skuba, I’m not sure how Dead Space didn’t scare you? That game freaked me out for about every minute of it that I played. Which was only about 30, haha.

  10. Easily the scariest game I ever played was Fatal Frame 2 on the PS2. Lights off. Dolby Surround Sound. Big screen TV. The fear was tremendous. If you’ve never heard of or played any of the games from the Fatal Frame series, this is the one to know about. By far the most frightening games I’ve ever played.

    The next would have to be Dead Space, but that kind of scariness was more of a jump or a gasp or a squeal every once in a while, and it would put me on the edge of my seat with my heart racing, not like a full-blown OH MY GOD AHHHH sort of thing.

  11. Me = Coward

    I’ve played Dead Space for oh… 30 minutes at 3am at a friend’s party. Everyone else was more or less asleep and I loaded up Dead Space, lights off, dark outside, tired from a lack of sleep. I shit myself (well, you know, figuratively). I’ve seen palythroughs and the game didn’t seem to scary so I thought I’d take it on.

    I was playing on normal and while there was no danger of me dying (since my reflexes are pure awsome… and I had plenty of medpacks) I just couldn’t keep moving. I knew where things would jump out at me, but I just COULDN’T make myself move!

    I know how some of you think that game is nowhere near scary but… If you want me to be paralyzed with fear, give me Dead Space.

  12. @ Eddy, I was surprised too. I got Dead Space in the hopes I could emulate my RE4 experiences but, realy, there weren’t anything too ‘cack-my-pants’ type scares. There WERE two bits where a pregnant rounded a corner on me and one Regenerator related moment that made me jump. The worst was actually when I was doing an ‘Impossible’ run and I was running very low on ammo! : / I was quite surprised that it scared even those in my school who are seasoned horror movie fans.
    One more to add to RE4 (this one is so silly it’ll even up the Dead Space bravery), I was scared to go into the first house where the guy looks out the window. Boom.

  13. Playing Through Dead Space scared the living crap out of me taking a quote from Ellis and his oh so superior mastery of the english language ” I had to change my briches on the count of i just shit in them!”

  14. I’d say STALKER shadow of chernobyl was the scariest game for me. It had lots of dark underground places you had to go with lot of creepy noises, very little light, huge ass monsters and that constant fear that you will meet someone or something else down there. It wasn’t the like something jumps out at you then boo, it was the constant pit of your stomach fear that made stalker creepy

  15. One thing I just can’t stand are horror games. I just hate ’em so much that I scream like a girl like when your mom finds a rat in the house. I think the only horror game I’ve ever played was RE4. Played it for 5 min. and returned it back to my friend when the weekend was over. Other than the fact that I couldn’t walk and shoot, I hated the game for its creepy nature. If you were to torture me by popping FEAR or Dead Space into my PS3, you would go deaf by my unmanly-ish screams.

  16. +1 Tom, I remember playing Penumbra for the first time. It was just awesome, the story and gameplay all made it so freakin’ interesting and scary.

  17. Though i chicken out of many scary games one i want to play through is silent hill 2, because some 1 called owlwaxer has taken all cutscenes which are important and has redubbed them to make it a comedy he has also done for 3 and is also doing 4 but 2 is his best work.

  18. With RE4 being my first “survival horror” game, it made me shit myself numerous times. Like a poster above, I just couldn’t make myself move forward, and when Dr. Fucking Salvador appeared, I shit myself. Haha…i’m a squeamish fellow, so I don’t play many of these games.

  19. Yeah, Dr. Salvador…heh, the first time I played through, I actually had the guide open at my side (thank you limited edition box set). I avoided him, thank God. On my second run-through I decided to give him a crack…oh my God, I near crapped my pants. You go into this house and go upstairs, grab some Shotgun ammo and then you hear this buzzing noise…turn around and he swings a chainsaw at you. Yeah that made me extremely jumpy I can tell you.

  20. I’m better at them now, but just like 2 years back I shit my pants at most everything. I remember as a kid freaking OUT over the creepy ass Boo in Mario 64 when you had enough stars, and the fact that that whole castle was WAY too damn quiet and creepy. And the Wizpig head coming to life in Diddy Kong Racing…oh my god nightmares. Nowdays, that stuff doesn’t quite get me.

    FEAR 1/2 weren’t scary, minus a couple parts, but the FEAR 2 Demo – anyone remember that? Oh our God I peed myself so many times at the random shit in that thing, the programmers got it GOOD with the the corner that if you stopped and turned around she popped up while you werent looking the right way and then disappeared with a band when you turned back. I peed at that twice myself, and then made myself and friends pee themselves about 3 more times it was so good.

    Really though, games are getting less scary. Fear 1/2 weren’t that great, they were kinda draggy and scares got cheap/predictable (except for the demo) and RE5, I still say sucked and didn’t strike me scary in any way, but that’s just my view. Dead Space was alright but nothing makes me pee anymore. What happened to RE2 and the ones that were good? I miss those days…

  21. I don’t scare very easily. I was only surprised in RE4 by the first regenerator that came alive and burst out of the door, blocking your escape (I shot off his head and reloaded, expecting him to die, turned around to pick up TMP ammo, and turned back around to see his head regenerated, shot his legs, ran, and he jumped up and mauled my neck), and the regenerator in the prison with all of the half eaten bodies hanging off the ceiling. But I have to admit I was pretty scared in the first few minutes of BioShock, when that chick with the blades for arms starts cutting into the elevator as it goes down. I didn’t know what to do or if I was going to die, and was scared shitless to go out of the elevator once it stopped.

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