Bioshock 2 Story Interview

Even though I appreciated Bioshock’s quality in terms of its immersiveness and story, I just didn’t go quite as crazy about it as everyone else did. I didn’t dislike the game, it just didn’t hook me the way it seemed to for hundreds of thousands of other gamers out there. I keep thinking I want to pick it up and finish it one day, but the sequel so far hasn’t gotten me all that excited either.

However, I do have to say that it seems that they’re really putting a lot of thought into the game’s universe and how it ticks, which is starting to perk my interest a little. The newest developer interview sheds some more light on what the game’s about and who some of its new characters are. I’d suggest giving it a watch. What about you guys? What do you think about Bioshock 2?

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4 thoughts on “Bioshock 2 Story Interview”

  1. I think I know just what you mean Eddy… I have the first game, installed it many times, but just never finished it. It didn’t grab me gameplay wise. Yet when someone asks me about it, I can’t stop saying how awesome it is… Just something about it doesn’t drag me in.

    Unless I somehow get the energy up to finish the first one, I really can’t see myself buying the second.. But who knows. The potential seems really great.

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