GamerSushi Asks: Suggested Reviews?

Hello fellow gamers. Got a question for you dudes.

Recently, someone brought up on a review that we only tend to review blockbuster titles that almost always get the same kind of scores. While it must be noted that we are just some regular guys that aren’t going to waste our time with games that will get lower scores, we do feel that this was a solid issue worth discussing at a later time.

To be honest, we don’t always think about all of our options available to us for reviews. So we wanted to ask you guys and get some opinions- what other games do you want to see reviewed, besides some of the bigger titles like Uncharted 2, Forza 3, etc? Feel free to suggest anything that you’ve been wanting to know more about. We can’t promise that we’ll get to all of them, but we’ll definitely broaden our horizons and try to hit on some upcoming games that you guys are curious about. Fire away!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Suggested Reviews?”

  1. I’d like to see a Reader’s Digest review compilation (like you guys did not too long ago) but for DLC / indie games. Titles like Machinarium, Trine, And Yet It Moves or even the DLC for Fallout 3.

    From what I’ve bought, I can tell you Machinarium is totally worth the purchase, and I’d give Trine about a 7. Quite repetitive.. and then suddenly really difficult at the last few levels. I’d still like to see what you guys thought of these though after reading review of bigger titles!

  2. I’d go for a review of one of the STALKER games – I’ve always wondered about them and their mix of FPS and RPG that never really got it quite right.

  3. These games are a bit of an oldie, but I SERIOUSLY recommend them.
    Penumbra Overture, 2007 and Penumbra Black Plague, 2008.
    They are part of a series of amazingly scary games, FPS style, but no guns :O. You can get em both plus an expansion pack for 10 bucks at a gamestop.
    Try em and then review!

  4. Does Borderlands count? I REALLY want to hear you guys give your opinion on it. I also like the way you review ‘big’ titles as these are the games I’m most likely to play and therefore will be able to have a discussion about. Just my opinion.

  5. Modern Warfare 2! lol no

    If you can find a copy of the two Golden Sun games (Golden Sun & Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age) and do a review, that’d be awesome. Those games were my favorite handheld RPG’s because of the cool combat mechanics, Djinn, and deep story.

  6. @SkubaPatr0l

    Borderlands, you say? Why, guess what I’ve been playing obsessively…


    Man, if you can read French, I’m sure that you can find a whole outline of the plot for MW2 on the internet somewhere, lol.

  7. A Forza 3 review would be AWESOME.

    But here’s a new idea, how about the occasional hardware review?

    I myself am awaiting the MadCatz Throat Mic and my buying it is going to be based off of reviews. Anyways, I think hardware reviews would be sweet.

  8. Loved the STALKER games; It’s just something you have to give time before it really pulls together. At least with STALKER it does the opposite of a lot of today’s games instead of gradually falling apart it pulls itself together really well and leaves you craving for more.

  9. Why dont you review some games that you dont finish? Even though i know you guys didnt finish Prototype, i would like to know why you guys didnt like it.

  10. Review Risen please! I think it’s really good and would like to know what you think about it. However it’s a huge game so it may take some time for you to play through it 😉 but that’s a good thing imo.

  11. @ Mitch:
    lollerskates, French. What a joke. lol Nah, I’m basically not even reading any news about MW2 since it’s all spoilers. I want to have a fresh experience with MW2. If you go on MW 24/7, they’ve pledged to not release any leaked vids or info or any spoilers, so I’m glad I can at least have one source of safe info.

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