G-Man Sings Body to Body, Oozes Sex Appeal

Put this one under the “weird but hilarious” category. This is a machinima music video by WAM Studios in which G-Man sings Body to Body by Jay-J. It was created with Half Life 2, lots of Faceposer and GMod.

The song is pretty much horrid, but the video rules because they re-created the original music video by Jay-J almost perfectly, only with G-Man and Alyx in the leading roles. Seeing G-Man act suave and sexy is worth the price of admission on this one. Be warned it has a few images that are more than likely NSFW, especially the original, which I recommend suffering at least a few seconds of in order to fully appreciate what was done here.


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4 thoughts on “G-Man Sings Body to Body, Oozes Sex Appeal”

  1. Yeah moorsey that first one is a classic done by Paul Marino, one of the grandfathers of machinima. I thought about linking it in the post.

  2. @Eddy: I’m not ashamed to say the Paul Marino video was one of the primary reasons I got into Breaking Benjamin (great band, their fourth album just came out on Sept. 29, plus their song Blow Me Away was featured in Halo 2). Link it, if not just to support its awesomeness.

    It is agreed that the music is horrible but in return the video gives us a great machinima. Give credit where credit is due. Also I have reason to believe nude mods were involved. 😛

    On a side note, who were the other two women in this video, aside from Alyx and Zoey?

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