Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Borderlands

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that we’re probably getting pretty close to the Borderlands saturation point around here, but this story was too good to pass up. Three weeks ago, Borderland’s Creative Director Mikey Neumann promised that he would play the post-apocalyptic Role-Playing-Shooter with you and drop some rare loot if you could provide a picture of yourself pre-ordering the game via Twitter. It turns out that this little boast kind of back-fired on him as over 200 people took him up on the offer.

Since Borderlands released last Tuesday, Mikey has been ploughing through his list trying to get through as many of the lucky players as he can. The game hasn’t even come out on PC yet (it lands on Monday), so I bet that he’s got a ways to go.

This strikes me as admirable, considering the few weeks after a major game launches is when most of the studio’s development team takes their vacations. Essentially, Mikey is giving up the beach to play some Borderlands with the fans, so kudos to you good sir.

Borderlands itself is doing quite well; it’s topping the Steam sales chart, beating even Left 4 Dead 2. Every retail store I’ve visited has been sold out, too, but this is due more to a shortage in shipped products (so the clerk at EB told me, anyways) than overwhelming demand.

Iā€™m waiting for the PC version personally, but are any of you playing it on the 360 or PS3, and what do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Borderlands”

  1. Honestly, Borderlands is like CRACK; one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. Once you find your first piece of great loot, it just keeps going and going. You get hungry for more. Every corner must be scrounged, every special limited time only item at the shops must be checked out, and every “Badass Shock Skag” and other variants of tough enemies must be vanquished in search of that magical loot. One of the best games I’ve played in while. Plus it only gets better after you have a friend join in (which they can do at any time) and the enemies get tougher and the loot get crazier.

    A wonderful game, indeed.

  2. Borderlands sounds like some crazy good fun, but I don’t know if I want to buy Borderlands as well as the three games in November. We’re kind of trying to not spend a lot of money on games, but then again Borderlands looks like it’s easily worth the money. I’ll keep looking at gameplay vids and reviews – I’m definitely interested, especially in how they pull off the 87 bazillion weapons. How exactly do they do that?

  3. The game uses an AI called Gearbot which procedurally generates terrain and the weapons, which is how the game is able to have its bajillion guns.

  4. Can’t wait for this to hit steam, me and some friends are going to grab the 4 pack some time in the week.

    As for Borderlands beating L4D2 in the top sellers list, I thought valve would sticky L4D2 to the top spot (I would!). It makes me rather happy though to know that valve aren’t liars/cheaters like I would be.

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