Today’s WTF: No Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 2 on PC?

modernwarfare2All hands on deck! The klaxon is sounding, and that means only one thing: someone has wrung the WTF bell! Here’s what’s got the internet in a tizzy now.

In a bit of breaking news yesterday, Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Robert Bowling confirmed the existence of IWNet, a PC Call of Duty matchmaking service which will change the landscape of multiplayer for Call of Duty fans. The only problem? There’s not going to be any dedicated servers.

Traditionally, PC gaming is handled through servers that are managed by the players, but IWNet is set to change all that. According to Bowling, this service runs concurrently with Steam, but is managed by Infinity Ward themselves. Since IWNet is eliminating dedicated servers, this means that clans, custom map-makers and all those other “hardcore” folks will not be able to enjoy the same range of freedom that they’re used to with private server ownership.

As we’re well aware, any time that someone tries to alter some “tried-and-true” PC convention, it’s a veritable Pearl Harbor for those who are prone to over-reactions. The revelations around Modern Warfare 2’s PC presence have been meet with a wave of vitriol that is practically face-melting. Yesterday was even declared “Black Saturday” by a group of people who really, really need some fresh air.

As it stands right now, Infinity Ward has no plans to integrate any sort of dedicated server set up into IWNet’s architecture, and I seriously doubt that this is going to be a big concern for them going forward. Sure, the fans will rage now, and there’s a petition online that’s already reached 21,000 signatures, but the fact remains that most Call of Duty PC players won’t really notice the difference as long as there’s a party service in IWNet.

The response from the online community towards this has been stunning, like I mentioned above. I’m not bothered by this turn of events personally, but what about you guys? Were any of you planning on picking up Modern Warfare 2 for the PC, and what do you think of this news? Even if you’re not going to get the PC version, what’s your take anyways? Sound off!

Source: Kotaku

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23 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: No Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 2 on PC?”

  1. They will release the dedicated server files, games like Arma 2 and OFP2 have had the issue of no Dedicated server files upon release and both have been hounded by PC users due to this – unless infinity ward wants to lose about 50% of its PC market they will release them

  2. Meh, I never play any multi-player of a game that has a main single player story and separate multi-player. It’s never really any different to every single other one and bound to be full of a-holes. I just stick to TF2 and L4D with a dash of Synergy (HL2 co-op) for all my MP needs.

    The chances of someone making a mod, hack, fix, crack etc. to remedy this situation are somewhere between 99% and 100%

    Which is why PC gaming is awesome.

  3. I’m going to get MW2 for the PC. When I first heard about this, I was a bit annoyed that there weren’t going to be any dedicated servers. I also heard that the servers were supposed to be only player hosted (though we know they aren’t going to be now…right?). Now that I think about it, it’s not so bad. You still get your ranks (I forgot that CoD stats were kept on the player’s system), and you get matched up with people with your rank. In the end, people should be able to be playing against anyone else.

    The only things that are still in my head are-What if we want to play in a public server with one of our friends (unless they’re going to be game invites like in WaW)? What’s wrong with knowing a server’s map and amount of players before we start joining the server? And I don’t play mods in CoD games (I prefer more open games for mods, like BF2, FO3, or Oblivion), but other PC gamers are mad that they wouldn’t have mod support.

  4. Im going to be getting it on 360 but i think servers are much better than matchmaking. Not sure why they would remove what is imo pc’s greatest advantage.

  5. FIRST: I didn’t bother watching the 2-hour podcast so I don’t pretend to actually know what’s going on, but if it’s what I think it is (no dedicated servers), then:

    Doesn’t bother me ’cause I won’t be picking it up, but honestly? Did nobody see something like this happening? This is Activision/Blizzard we’re talking about. How many WTF moments have we had from them?

    Still, the reason is painful. No mods = no competition for DLC. Pricey DLC maps. New map every week/month. You heard it here first, folks.

  6. I dont see the problem with PC gaming as it is, I actually do not like the push towards matchmaking systems. But there is also going to be less shit servers out there also so, I am kinda split.

  7. I still find it hard to fathom that they would do this, while I agree it shouldn’t affect us majorly I still prefer being able to access the server browser – Next thing you know we wont be able to access the console

  8. mmmmmmmmmm Whatever. I play games for the single player campaigns. If those don’t satisfy me, why the hell would I pay for a game to just play online? That’s what CS is for. No one has done it like them since, and never will come close. CoD4 was the closest thing to it, so I’m not much interested in moving to Modern Warfare 2 online (Same reason not moving from CS1.6 to Source).

    What’s done right is just done right.

    and I REALLY REALLY laughed hard when you reported that 21,000 people had already signed the “ePetition”… I bet most of them are console gamers, just looking for some more eAttention.

    I jest, and digress.

    play the game or don’t. stfu.

    “Which is why PC gaming is awesome.” – James Freeman

  9. That sucks, but I can’t stand online PC games, besides MMO’s. The custom stuff is fun, but sometimes you just want to play with the default rules, with no lag, and no assholes for hosts. It’s hard to come by one of those matches.

  10. I’ve qqed enough in my own blog about this.

    They are making PC into a console. People play PC to escape the match making systems of consoles. I don’t mind match making as a option but I feel dedicated servers are required for clans, mods and competitive gaming.

    Also where does LAN fit into all of this if online games are primarily matchmade?

    Petition is up to like 53k now.

  11. Yeah, I’m with Mitch, I don’t see that this is a huge stinking deal. I mean, I kind of get why PC gamers are in a tizzy about it, but at the same time, Infinity Ward knows what they’re doing. They’ve had a pretty good track record, so I’ll roll with them.

  12. I love dedicated servers because the hosts can make rules that will get rid of cheaters, griefers, and people who are just plain assholes. Plus they could add rules like “no explosives in the first 15 seconds” which may sound silly, but there were several maps in COD4 that you could launch a grenade from very near the starting area and hit the other team. Which isn’t a big deal unless you play a game type where once you die it’s over, such as search and destroy.

  13. “They are making PC into a console. People play PC to escape the match making systems of consoles. I don’t mind match making as a option but I feel dedicated servers are required for clans, mods and competitive gaming.”

    You say that as if PC players exist solely to not use a console. And just because IW wants to use a matchmaking system, how is that making it into a console? Server browsers aren’t a requirement for an online game, and i’m convinced (and have been for quite a while) that PC players are some of the most spoiled crybabies i’ve ever seen.

  14. They are a requirement if you want to host a ladder, take CoD4 for example – there were mods for competitive games that did everything from score tracking and uploading to ready up features, weapon removal, graphical standards (i.e. no shadow removal) etc.

    Now I know in response someone will play the “who cares about competitive gaming” card but its a perfect example of why dedicated servers and mods should be kept.

    Furthermore I know a lot of you come from the US so I am sure this doesn’t concern you but for smaller countries which collectively form the majority of purchases of the title we may have an issue with infinity ward supplying us with little/no servers that’s my second largest gripe.

  15. I’m not entirely sure what the big deal is.

    I understand, though, that from a competitive viewpoint this clearly leaves a bit to be desired.

    However, being a computer gamer who has also spent a bit of time on consoles playing games like (shock, horror) Halo 3, a matchmaking system isn’t that bad. You won’t have servers with 0 people online and you’re always guaranteed a game. It’s really easy to party up with your friends and I’m sure you’ll be able to switch game modes to play on a Hardcore server or whatever.

    Wait and see πŸ™‚

  16. You and I are cut from the same cloth, rogue12. I’m a PC gamer from my earliest days, but I’ve been mostly a console player of late.

    Wait and see it a great stance to take, but unfortunately the “Gamer’s Rights” ensure that those who want to rant and rave will do so, and will do so often.

  17. My opinion V

    Consoles lack dedicated servers purely because the manufacturers make them for convenience which is understandable some people want to sit down grab a control and be thrown into a game (maybe with a few specifics mode etc) but for a lot of us we prefer maintaining servers tweaking game modes, adding content or even restricting some

    We don’t need to party up its just another social network that we PC users already have too many of, we have programs like Steam/Xfire to ensure we all jump in the same game if we desire so.

    An example of a commercial success of a matchmaking system on PC is L4D but this is purely because at the most you will have 8 people per server AND there are dedicated servers.

    Long story short match making can be effective I don’t overly mind it but the subject at hand is the dedicated server fiasco which although they work hand in hand are 2 separate issues/points of conflict.

    Anyway I think ill just sit on the sideline and see what happens with this, like my rant it’s all over the show and hard to decipher. I will just sit on the fence and see what other people experience first.

  18. The site is called GAMERsushi. Not PCSushi, SonySushi or 360Sushi. Arguing which is better or why means nothing… (obv because the PC kids already know THEY’RE the best and the console kids are trying to prove otherwise… :D.. JK… sorta)

    We can speculate all we want. (Happy to see this has got a lot of replies). We’ll just have to wait and see!

  19. As far as buying the game goes, I’m still going to get it the instant it comes out (pre-ordered it in fact).

    This changes nothing. I want an AC-130 Spectre Gunship.

  20. =puts on manly voice= “AC130 Standing By”

    I hope my comments didn’t add to a console debate, I might pick it up on the 360 not sure yet depends if the PC release is a flop or not we will just have to wait and see…

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