Rumor: InFamous 2 to Shock With New Voice Actor?

Hey, so, I guess that InFamous 2 is in production! I had no idea, but apparently Sucker Punch, developers of the original lightning-themed open world game and the Sly Cooper titles, are fishing around for a new motion-capture/voice actor for the game’s protagonist, Cole McGrath.

The biggest part of this rumor for me is that InFamous is getting a sequel, which is awesome. As you may remember from our Quick Hits feature, I gave InFamous a nice healthy A-. I had a lot of fun playing that game, and even though the story was kind of silly, I’d like to see where it goes.

I didn’t mind Cole’s voice, personally, but I think that if they’re re-casting Cole, they should re-work Zeke as well. He was a pretty awful supporting character with few redeeming qualities. Anyways, enough about my musings on the re-casting, what are your guys’ opinions? Did you play InFamous, and do you think that re-casting Cole is a step in the right direction? What are some games that you enjoyed, but would re-cast the main character?

Source: Destructoid

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One thought on “Rumor: InFamous 2 to Shock With New Voice Actor?”

  1. Well, I liked Cole’s character and didn’t mind Zeke’s actor (didn’t like Zeke himself though), but Cole’s VA was the worst in the game. NEW 1 PLOX. I hope inFamous 2 turns out to be as good as the first. I really enjoyed it. The only problem was when you clear an area of enemies they NEVER return (kinda like the opposite of Far Cry 2) so fix that Sucker Punch!

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