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firefightOh man, what a weekend and a week. You guys may have noticed a lack of posting on my part. That is because my life is just a poopstorm of activity these days, with a slight chance of things slowing down finally. We’ll see. My wife and I just bought a house a couple of weeks ago, and have finally moved in. In addition, I’ve been working on Web Zeroes and not to mention my full time job. Mitch, likewise has just started a new job as well, and Anthony’s PC broke. So, we’re doing our best, and I think things are finally about to return to normal.

Since I’ve been so busy, I’ve missed out on the chance to play some games over the last week. And the thing is, the longer it goes, the more I’m starting to crave it again. I find myself oddly dying to play games I haven’t touched in a while, like Resident Evil 5 or Fallout 3. Though another part of me just wants to kick back and do some Firefight in ODST.

So what about you guys? When’s the last time you’ve had to go awhile without playing any games? What games do you start to crave when you haven’t played in awhile?

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  1. I hope we get things in gear. Once I get a new PC, I got a few ideas for some stuff I have been pondering.

    Also, yes, I have been devouring the Fallout 3 DLC like mad.

  2. How far along in the DLC are you, Anthony? I’m not too clear about the release schedule for PS3, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on them, especially Mothership Zeta.

    As for gaming cravings, sometimes I get the urge to play RTSes. Like, real bad. Act of War, World in Conflict, Supreme Commander, those are all currently installed on my PC so I can bust them out whenever I get that feeling (I need…tactical healin’).

    When I took some university level courses, I had to go without games for a large part of a couple terms, so that was pretty tough. It was either that or flunk the classes, though. First thing I did when I was done my exams was hunker down for a serious weekend of grinding in WoW.

  3. I can relate to that Mitch. Right now I’m in college for a bachelors in Game Art Design. Just finished out my first term, and in working full-time and going to school full-time, I haven’t hardly touched a game. There was a night where I just ignored class work to play a few rounds of CS: Source, but that’s it.

  4. Also, that Jeff guy only comes up with a post about once every two months. He’s not busy, he just takes forever to come up with new ideas for posts…

  5. Who’s Jeff?


    Mitch, I completed Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel. I still have the Pitt to do. Mothership Zeta and Point Lookout aren’t out yet, I think they come this thursday.

    I really like them so far, although Anchorage was a bit too combat heavy, but still really fun.

  6. I’m getting into this trend thanks to my A levels. It’s not reached the NO GAMES EVAR point but give it a few months. Since I haven’t been playing as often, I try to get some COD4 in with friends. I also enjoy kicking Anthony’s ass in the Uncharted 2 Beta! BWA HA HA HA HA! > : D lolz

  7. Good luck with your new home, Eddy!
    I recently found some people on CoD4, believe it or not, who I’ve been playing ODST Firefight for a few days now. It’s good stuff! When they’re not on, I’ve had a craving to play Left 4 Dead, and I’m lovin’ spamming “Pills Here!” as Louis. lol I just love how easy to pick-up-and-play and how balanced L4D is, so I’m getting pumped for L4D2.
    Me and my friends have gone back to Halo 3 to play some awesome custom games with Zombies and Racing maps. Good stuff, and we have about 12 people usually when we play the games, so its epic.
    I’ve prestiged again in CoD4 to get me pumped for MW2, and I am OMGASMING over the new trailer, Infamy.
    OH! And there will be a 30-minute special on GTTV or Spike, can’t remember which, but I know it involves Geoff Keighley, MW2, and Oct. 8th. I’m on the lookout, and so should you!

  8. Wow, i must be the youngest one on the site. Im in High School. So, having more game time but less money, i have been playing Fallout 3 for a year now, and im thinking about picking up Arkham Asylum. I havent stopped playing the demo. And CoD:MW:2 is on my Xmas list.

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