Heavy Rain Corner Store Gameplay

Man, I want this game. Even though Heavy Rain has been pushed into 2010, it doesn’t make it any less desirable. Especially if gameplay videos like these keep popping up.

In this new video highlighting a corner store sequence, we see a detective trying to find out more about the Origami Killer that he is pursuing. Unfortunately for him, a robber shows up in the store, demanding and waving a gun the way robbers are wont to do. The cool thing about this video though, is that it shows several of the different ways that this sequence could ultimately pan out, including the main character himself dying, at which point a new character would take over.

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6 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Corner Store Gameplay”

  1. Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of this game. Definitely gonna be a purchase, and yet another reason to get me a PS3 Slim.

  2. WOW… WOW

    If anyone hasnt played fahrenheit/indigo prophecy [us]… Do yourselves a favour and snag is ASAP.

    I’m gonna dig that out and reinstall it to sooth this eRekshun.

  3. This just looks so amazing both from a gameplay standpoint and a graphical standpoint. This, along with Uncharted 2, is easily one of my most anticipated games.

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