Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Drops the F-Bomb

We’re getting closer to 2010, which mean that we’re starting to see some new media from a lot of next year’s big titles. Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell have been conducting the information blitz, but one game I’ve kept my eyes peeled for especially is Battlefield: Bad Company 2, seemingly the millionth game this quarter to bear the number “2” in it’s title.

The original Bad Company’s multi-player was surprisingly robust, owing in part to the amazing environmental destruction mechanics. With a year and a bit of refinement behind it, Bad Company 2 is well positioned to deliver the same crazy shoot-outs, even if it looks like it’s been bitten by the Call of Duty bug. Check out the trailer, which contains a surprisingly large number of epithets, so exercise discretion if you’re around those with sensitive ears.

The game also looks really polished graphically, so consider me psyched for this! Is anyone else looking forward to some more Bad Company, and what systems are you getting it for?

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4 thoughts on “Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Drops the F-Bomb”

  1. The only thing keeping me from getting this is the fact that it takes FOREVER to kill someone in MP. It really ruined the last one for me, as it took a whole magazine to kill someone.

  2. Looking good and glad to see recharging health! In BFBC 1 99% of support class NEVER learned that they can heal others. And that mortars do their own team more harm than good. I hope the invite system works this time. In the UK and Ireland (on the PS3 at least) invites NEVER worked. No exaggeration. Surs. Also, I hope specialists are as good as in 1. : )

  3. I am looking forward to BFBC2. I loved the first one, albeit it had flaws, but I really think they’ve fixed enough of them to have another enjoyable fully destructible environment experience. And who doesn’t love F Carpet Bombings? lol I will be mostly looking forward to recharging health. I liked how you didn’t have to worry about health or TKing in ’43, although in BFBC2 we’ll still have to worry about ammo, but at least it’s more than 3 mags and the clip size looks accurate – 30 rounds – so I’m happy. AUG’s ftw.
    But SK Beans is right, AR and LMG’s take fifteen years to kill a man to the head, while if you accidently tap your trigger when using an SMG, you can kill a goddamn tank. I’ve even sniped snipers at reasonable ranges with my UMP, so I just hope they nerf SMG’s in the damage department.

  4. Battlefield 2 was the first proper shooter I ever played.

    Its gonna be fun to get back to the series that has always had a space close to my heart.

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