GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

Wow, it’s been quite a while since we’ve been graced with the presence of a Would You Rather. In fact, nearly half a year! So, before the salvo of new Fall titles drop, let’s give it another shot.

In Would You Rather, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your answers. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

Don’t let your answers suck, though. You will be excommunicated and labeled with some kind of vulgar name. Believe it.


Would you rather…

1. Play an RPG with light stats and customization, or a deep RPG with lots of elements you can tweak and change to suit your style?

2. Buy games the way we do now, or see portions of games split up to lower the price (ie: just buying multiplayer or a single player campaign)?

3. Play a free MMO with little to no end game content, or one with a monthly subscription fee and max level content?

4. Have an open world game that sacrifices graphics for a neat mechanic, or one that just looks very pretty, but has an awesome story?

5. Play a game with an immersive HUD (a la Dead Space) or a standard HUD (a la Halo)?

6. Fight computer controlled AI enemies with a group of friends, or human enemies with a group of strangers?

7. Visit a video game show like PAX or TGS and sample all of the new un-released games, or spend one-on-one time with a developer and see just one game?

Answer away!

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13 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. 1) As long as it’s easy to tweak.
    2) The way we do now.
    3) Paid.
    4) Open world.
    5) Depends on the type of game. I’d rather go with the immersive/no HUD though.
    6) AI vs Friends.
    7) Game show.

  2. In the spirit of interactivity, I will answer these as well.

    1) To me this is the difference between Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The first game was a lot more in depth with lots more options, while the second game is dumbed down and makes for a more arcadey experience. I think I prefer the latter, though the occasional stat-heavy game is a blast (see: Sacred 2).

    2) Personally, in the age of DLC, I don’t know why this hasn’t become an option. Halo 3: ODST is the inspiration for this question, because while a good game, it is not worth $60. If I could have just bought Firefight mode or the campaign and Firefight without the extra maps, I would go for it. I think it really sucks for people that have bought the DLC maps already- you are essentially paying twice for the same content if you buy ODST.

    3) I think the paid MMO is the best. My motto is that you usually get what you pay for when it comes to free things. See: XBL vs PSN.

    4) I’d like an open world game that sacrifices graphics for a great mechanic. Crackdown is an example of a game without much of a story but some great gameplay features, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had playing a video game.

    5) I love the HUD in Dead Space and I want more of it.

    6) I think playing with friends against AI is far more fun. Firefight and Horde mode (or L4D co-op campaigns) are great examples. It’s more fun to play with friends without douchebags on the other end ruining the experience. When I kill the Halo grunt, he doesn’t call me a bitch.

    7) I think I’d rather go to the game show personally. I’m not THAT devoted to any particular franchise enough to want to see it in-depth one-on-one over all the other games. Though if I was forced to choose, I’d say anything Bioware was working on.

  3. 1. Whatever Fallout 3 was.
    2. Buy all in one go. I like having it all in one neat package.
    3. I choose the ‘MMOs are too risky, I fear I’ll get addicted. I’ll stick with my measly 8 player deatmatches’ option thank you very much.
    4. Tough, Mercs 2 looked a bit rubbish but was fun as hell. I’ll go with the fun mechanic.
    5. Immersive HUD! Dead Space’s was so awesome. Although I’ll gladly have a standard HUD for FPS’s.
    6. Friends always.
    7. Depends on who the dev is, but PAX sounds like so much fun. 1UP Listen Up convinced me of that.

  4. 1. Deep. I prefer the first Ultimate Alliance, although the 2nd was still fun.

    2. The way we do now.

    3. Whatever FF XIV will be.

    4. Better gameplay than graphics.

    5. Standard. For all the hoopla about Dead Space, you still find thousands of dollars in crates and buy weapons at a store in the middle of a ship. That alone takes me out of the game.

    6. Friends. Strangers are mean.

    7. Developer. Anyone can go to PAX.

  5. 1. deep. I like to play through twice, once stealthily, as a thief. Then guns basing as a total badass knight or something.

    2. I would actually like to see a little of both. If you could buy a cheaper version of a game for just the single or multiplayer game, or a more expensive complete copy that has both that, to me, would be the best solution. That way I could buy a game for less $ if I just want the single or multiplayer game, also reviews wont be able to gripe about a single player game only having a single player campaign.

    3. If I played mmo’s then I would go with a monthly fee so I could play for one or two months and get the best experience. I don’t play mmo’s though so SkubaPatr0l pretty much said everything I was going to say,

    4. It really depends on the game. Bioshock had an incredible story and atmosphere but the shooting mechanics felt a little off, on the pc version at least, but I loved it non the less. With a game like Crackdown, then I’d go with gameplay.

    5. Once again it really depends on the game. In dead space it would have just ruined the game to have a non immersive, or standard, HUD, but for something like Halo or even Half Life the standard HUD works best.

    6. Friends, I cant stand playing with idiots who talk about my mom.

    7. Developer, I can always go to PAX. If I could go to valve and spend one-on-one time talking about hl2 ep3 and portal 2! That would make me shit my pants.

  6. 1) Tweak able. Like being one of a kind. hehe

    2) Cheaper. Now days, if you get a cheap game like that, you can find a mod to expand it. Well, it might be same for other games, but low budget games make me happy face.

    3) Not much of a fan of monthly fee games, but If I were going to play a great MMO, I would pay to play.

    4)Open world, hell yeah.

    5)Hmmm idk. No hud is cool, but Id want to know how much hp I have and stuff. So I’d go for huds.

    6) AI vs Humans, seem the best. Less stress that way too, an AI won’t taunt at you like, “lol I pwnd you n00b.” right?

    7)Game shows, yes. I hope to go to TGS this year.

  7. 1. I second the Fallout 3 motion.

    2. It depends, but for the most part the way we buy games now pleases me, although just buying firefight mode is an interesting prospect.

    3. Id rather pay, but not extravagantly.

    4. Interesting mechanic over graphics.

    5. Depends on the game, but for the most part regular.

    6. Friends make a shitty game good.

    7. Developer. I can stand getting little bits of info, but talking about ME2 would be awesome

  8. You do not know how long I’ve been waiting and craving for another WYR! Woot!

    1. While nit-picking all my stats and skills is sometimes cool when you see how unique your character is, at the end of the day I don’t want to waste hours tweaking little scales and knobs to affect tenths of percents. I prefer having a simpler interface that still has different-enough effects on gameplay. It’s fast and easy to play, and I don’t mind having less options themselves, just have enough variation between the options.

    2. It would be nice to be able to pick and choose what you want out of a game. Maybe I want the story, but not the multiplayer, or maybe I just want to wait on the multiplayer. Buying in smaller increments is always better than buying more than you want.

    3. I prefer playing a free MMO. I don’t care that my character is generic or I don’t have all the neat features; as long as I get enough content to enjoy the game and have a deep enough experience, I’m more than happy to play the free game. I actually prefer having games with a free limited version and a priced unlimited version because, like with Answer 2, I like buying (or getting for free) in increments to get what I really want. And I might not have enough interest to see the game to the endgame and have fun at that point, so I like not feeling guilty if I get bored with a game.

    4. Why not have an open-world game with a cool mechanic AND an awesome story? I don’t care about graphics, no matter what open-world game it is. As long as I can tell which surfaces are which, things sort of resemble what they’re supposed to be, and the game runs well and is fun and innovative, I’m totally happy.

    5. I really enjoy the effort developers put into making games innovative and detailed, and non-standard HUDs are one of the coolest ways to draw players in. While standard HUDs are fine, I enjoy limited HUDs that only pop info up when I need it (ie Insurgency) or when the HUD info is worked into the environment (ie Dead Space). It adds a new level of connection to the experience.

    6. I prefer Co-Op with friends against AI over MP Versus with 10-year-olds with their mics on any day.

    7. Hm, sample a bunch of games I’m mildly interested in or play and talk about Modern Warfare 2… Take a guess. lol I’d much rather play thoroughly and talk about one game that I’m really interested in because it’s more rewarding than having a bunch of games that I might not be pumped about. It’s too much of not enough. I’d still like to go to PAX or TGS, but I can go to them anyway. One-on-one interviews with developers is usually once-in-a-lifetime.

    Can’t wait for the next one! SFF ftw!

    Has it really been nearly half a year since the last WYR? Feels shorter…

  9. 1. A deep Rpg as long as its easy to distinguish the different styles
    2. the way we do now
    3. idk I have a mac
    4. as long as you can sme what see what you supposed to
    5. Immersive hud so it tells you every thing
    6. Ai with my friends so you dont feel uncomfortable giving orders

  10. 1. Tough. I love lots of options, but overcomplexity is ten times worse than oversimplicity. As long as all of my tweaks make appreciable differences that are easy for me to understand and use, they should be there. Let’s put it that way.

    2. I don’t want to pay more for bits and pieces. If you’re going to include a multiplayer, you should include it without needing a huge price hike anyway.

    3. I don’t play MMOs because they cost money, so there’s your answer. Free is better.

    4. Story is very important to me. It’s why I play games these days. No story, no go.

    5. Immersive is always cool, but the standard is the standard for a reason. All in all, I think it depends on the feel the game designer is going for which will depend on which I would want. I can see how a standard HUD would almost be like a security blanket, when a more immersive one would force the player to be a little more uncomfortable, and it could lead to a better experience overall. I don’t know. Hmm….

    6. AI’s! I love being on teams with my friends. It keeps me from becoming a total recluse. Also, strangers are mean to me. :'(

    7. I love variety. This way, you don’t have to spend all your time on one thing that may or may not end up being good.

  11. 1. As much as I’d like to say deep customization, my ADD always get the better of me.

    2. Keep them the way we have them.

    3. Pay and have an end-game.

    4. One that sacrifices looks for mechanics, a la Red Faction and inFamous.

    5. I prefer the standard HUD.

    6. Fight AI enemies with friends. Firefight and Nazi Zombies for the win!

    7. Visit a video game show. I just like too many games to choose one developer.

  12. 1) I just want to experience the RPG, so I would say light customization

    2) While game prices are getting insane, I still think paying for the whole game is the way to go…I’d just get confused 😛

    3) Free MMO, I’m not really a big MMO guy so if I do try one out I’m not gonna pay a monthly fee.

    4) I think what makes an open world game shine is partly due to the graphics and making a huge realistic world. So i would go with awesome story on this one.

    5) HUDs!? HUDs!!? I don’t need no stinkin’ HUDs!!!!!! haha

    6) I love to play with friends in co-op against AI because you only have to deal with yelling at your friends rather than annoying little brats…plus you create some pretty epic memories.

    7) visit many games and get a taste! yum

  13. 1.) It’s not an RPG without customization.

    2.) Depends, do I save money or does it come out to be the same? Right now I like it the way it is.

    3.) I’m confused.

    4.) Very pretty and awesome story please. Cuz those games tend to be jizzgasmic anyways.

    5.) Immersive HUD. I still maintain the THE BEST HUD EVER belongs to Star Wars: Republic Commando. Play the game and you’ll understand.

    6.) Me and my friends vs. The AI hordes.

    7.) Depends, does the Dev gimme lots of one-on-one time with his game? Otherwise I’d prefer a big sampling.

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