TGS: Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

Malboros! I know Final Fantasy XIII still isn’t out yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have trailers for Final Fantasy XIV, the new MMO (maybe) entry into the series. While Final Fantasy XI never really did it for me, something about the art and the presentation of what I’ve seen so far for FF XIV have been striking.

This new FFXIV trailer straight from TGS only solidifies this position for me. Unless I’m wrong, am I spotting a hint about air and sea battles? Sign me up.

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6 thoughts on “TGS: Final Fantasy XIV Trailer”

  1. Marlboros, Eddy? For a second there, I thought that you might be suggesting that Final Fantasy is flavor country.

    That does look pretty swank, I’ll admit. I’m personally holding out for the The Old Republic, being the Star Wars whore that I am.

    As for an MMO trying to be a WoW killer, I think that’s as bad a misnomer as “Halo Killer”. Just make the best game you can, and you’ll draw people. No need to get all violent on Blizzard, especially not with Cataclysm coming out.

  2. I can’t tell whether Anthony is estatic at this trailer or if he’s lost his mind in rage or a similar negative emotion.

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