Who’s Getting Ready to Drop?

halo3odstAs many of you devoted Halo-ites know, we are mere hours away from the launch (or should I be cheesy and say drop again?) of Halo 3: ODST in stores all along these American shores. Though you east coasters won’t see it for another hour or so and the rest of us have to wait even longer than that, I’m sure the anticipation is already pretty high for another Halo title release.

I have to admit, I was trying to avoid the Halo fever this time around, but starting about two weeks ago, I once again got caught up in the hype train. It was completely inevitable. The thing that really sold me on the game has to be the 4 player co-op story play as well as the Firefight mode, reminiscent of Horde mode from Gears of War 2. I’m hoping to attend the midnight launch in just a couple of hours. And if I can’t do that, then I’ll pick it up tomorrow after work.

So- which of you guys is planning on getting the game, too? Go!

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10 thoughts on “Who’s Getting Ready to Drop?”

  1. When I first heard about this game I was really excited for it. A halo game that is different from the last three, sounds like a good thing to me. Not because I hated the last three, it just got old to have the same thing ever time. A change will be nice.

    After a while the excitement dwindled and I heard a lot of people saying that it’s still going to suck.

    Recently I read up on the newest updates, heard about Fire Fight and the extra Halo 3 multiplayer disk and was sold. Ever since I finished Half-Life 2 and both fallowing episodes I’ve been in want of a game with a good story. Even though I doubt this game will provide a story to rival that of the amazing Half-Life, it looks like it’s trying to be more story driven than the last games, which was another bonus. I pre ordered a copy just to make sure I got one (I always run into cases where I don’t get what I’m looking for cause they’re all out). I don’t really do midnight releases, but I am picking it up early tomorrow and going over to a friends house to play fire fight.

    I guess we’ll see if it lives up to the hype. If nothing else, Fire Fight and the multiplayer disk should be enough to make me happy, even if the campaign sucks.

    Now, what I really want to hear more about is Halo: Reach. That looks really cool and very interesting. You guys should do a story about that. Kinda put all the information about it into one place. Just a thought.

  2. Honestly it looks like a great solid game, but i only has de ps3. 🙁 My friend still hasn’t fixed his 360 so I won’t be playing ODST anytime soon :'(

  3. Oooh! Me! Me! Tomorrow afternoon can’t come soon enough. I thought about going to the midnight launch, but the Halo 2 one was good enough for me.

    Looking forward to settling into some campaign goodness and hopefully some firefight down the road.

  4. I may just get this, actually. True I don’t have a 360, but with the recent $100 price drop and the extra $50 off on the elite coming up, that may well change…

  5. I attended the midnight launch last night, and had a blast. The had TV’s with Firefight set up and we played all the way until the clock hit 12.

  6. I went to the midnight drop last night and it was pretty fun, especially since it was my first midnight wait for a game. The game’s pretty good, I’ll be going for achievements and a lot of Firefight once I beat Campaign.

  7. Well, I took a look atgetting it but since I already preordered MW2 and I WILL get Forza 3… I’ll have to go to my friends and play it there.

  8. Hey, this is unrelated to the post,
    but Anthony, are you still doing Phantasy Star? TLW is over and laughs are needed.

  9. [quote comment=”8536″]Hey, this is unrelated to the post,
    but Anthony, are you still doing Phantasy Star? TLW is over and laughs are needed.[/quote]

    Yeah, the motherboard on my PC died, so all I have is the one at work and it’s kinda hard to get into that mindset. I am working on getting a new one soon, I hope.

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