All Points Bulletin Trailer Hits the Streets

Have you been wondering what Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds has been doing since 2007 when their game launched? Well, wonder no more as you absorb the awesome trailer for All Points Bulletin (APB), a free-to-play MMO. It looks a lot like GTA IV multi-player, and as long as they can get it to be a lot more stable than that I think we’ve got a hit on our hands.

In APB, you can join one of two sides, the Enforcers or the Criminals. Once you’ve chosen your side, you can fully customize your own gang and roam around the city with friends hitting fools with you car. The shooting looks pretty tight as well, and I’m very intrigued by the option to recreate the look of the Beastie Boys out of their “Sabotage” video and rip around the streets.

APB is set to debut on both the PC and the 360 in March 2010. Given that Crackdown was a huge sleeper hit, I think that there’s going to be a large player base when this game comes out. Who’s going to be giving APB a try, and on what platform?

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8 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin Trailer Hits the Streets”

  1. It looks good, I signed up to be a beta tester. According to the site its coming out on PC first so yay!

    I hope it isn’t a micro-management game in the sense that you have to pay to get decent weapons/cars. I don’t mind if you have to pay to get clothes and other aesthetic stuff, I just hate it when people who pay get the advantage.

  2. ya… that looks awesome. Nice game to get in place of the agency (cause i hear thats monthly cost) Maybe a pc download if its free since i dont have a 360.

  3. reminds me alot of Saints row 2, which i love.

    Now, what’s interesting to think about is, u aren’t limited to a single city. It said 100 players in a city, 100,000 players in a world! Does this mean u can go from city to city? cause that would be really neat.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Kind of a visual-baby of GTAIV and Mercenaries 2. Driving doesn’t look too good though… Hope it feels better than it looks.

    I will play this on PC for sure.

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