GamerSushi Asks: Beating the Game?

prototypeOne thing that I’ve gotten really bad at in recent years is beating a game. I used to beat nearly every game I played, no matter its quality or length, including all the crazy JRPGs that I used to power through in college. Part of the reason I don’t seem to do this anymore is that as I get busier, my free time is a lot more valuable, and I don’t want to spend it playing a game that starts to feel like a chore.

That being said, I’ve made it a point to beat a few games that have been sitting on my docket recently, such as finishing Halo Wars on co-op mode, Shadow Complex and the Secret of Monkey Island. I have to say, I was really surprised at how satisfied I felt to beat a few games in a row, and it made me realize just how few games I seem to beat these days. Just this week I gave up on Prototype after getting tired of the repetitive missions.

So it made me wonder, do you guys do this too? What’s the last game that you guys have beaten, and what games have you given up on lately? Go!

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  1. I have one of the worst not beating a game stories IMO. I never beat CODMW. I watched people beat it and go through the missions, but the last mission I went through was the one where you were sneaking around in the ditch after the helicopter crash. I have a VERY stupid reason for not beating it too. I played the game first through on Veteran or whatever it was called, the hardest difficulty. While on that mission I kept dieing when you come out from under that bridge. I thought you were supposed to do it one way when really I was doing it all wrong. After countless attempts I just gave up and went to play hours upon hours of Multiplayer with my friends. Never beat it…Im making it my goal to FINISH MW2.

    Also I ALMOST didnt beat Ace Combat 6 because of the stupid Agion mission. It took me forever to beat that. Seriously one of the most FRUSTRATING game missions of all time.

    I also gave up on completing Fallout 3 with all 100 stats last school semester. The game kinda just fell out on me. Iv also never beaten Halo 3 on Legendary.

  2. Cool discussion. I sometimes beat games and I sometimes don’t. The most recent game I beat was Grand Theft Auto 4. I beat that because I love the stories behind the GTA games and want to see myself complete them. I also almost beat Plants Vs Zombies, i’m working on the mini-games now. I never thought I would say it but it is really one of the best games out there…it’s so simple but so addicting.

    Two of the more recent games I bought were Dead Space and Far Cry 2. I cannot beat those. I get a certain way through Dead Space and then I just feel like doing something else. With Far Cry 2, it is so repetitive and such dull scenery that I can’t get myself to get anywhere in that game.

    I have beaten all the COD games though because the action is so intense that I can’t stop playing it. It’s one of the few games i’ve actually had to beat in a weekend, most take me several months.

    I also almost beat GRID awhile back and wouldn’t you know it, my hard drive crashed.

  3. Well, most recently, I’ve beaten all the Half-Lifes except Opposing Force and Episode 2 (too many times already played) and I also got around to beating Fallout 3 again, with full level up. I gave up on trying Oblivion again, and I’m working on Chaos Theory and hopefull gonna install the first SC again, provided it works with Windows 7.

  4. Hah, Sean had a fallout fallout.

    But i gave up on GTA4. I never felt like i did anything. i even got 50% of the way through and i still felt like id been cheated from some expeirance, because all the reviews harped about how good it was. It was a fun game, but you cant really build relationships or anything indepth besides a few kill this guy or dont decisions.

  5. The last game I beat was probably Fallout 3. Also gave up on Prototype, pretty disapointing.

    I also can’t seem to finish Bioshock.. I always say “I love it”, but in truth, I can’t stand playing it. Guess I just admire it more than anything.

  6. I finally beat Shadow of the Colossus about two months ago, maybe less, and it was a fantastic ending. Since then, I haven’t finished…or played any RPG’s or Adventure games with the conventional end. And the thing is, I really only consider beating a game beating an RPG or adventure – a story with a considerable number of hours, so CoD campaign does count. Once AC2 comes out, then I’ll have a new game to beat. Or maybe I’ll beat BioShock (yeah, I played the demo and loved it, so I’m thinking about getting the first game, then probably getting the second) but I don’t know if I want to buy SIX games this pre-Christmas season. I can’t waste money like I used to.

  7. I tried to play Bully recently, but I just couldn’t do it. It was all load screens and random fights, I just couldn’t get myself into the experiencing of the game. Kind of dissapointed in that.

    I’m also playing WET, and I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to complete. I’m playing on Fixer difficulty, so all the enemies take 30 head-shots to down and Rubi can’t stand more than a few hits herself. I’ll probably finish it, but it sort of feels like a chore.

    Oh, I quit Prototype too, almost as soon as I started it.

  8. I’ve played 30 mins or so of Prototype and just can’t get into it. I think it’s a decent game, but it feels really rough around the edges, and the barrage of cutscenes about the convoluted story really took me out of it. I’ll probably play it a litle while longer, but most likely won’t finish it.

  9. With the crazy prices of games these days, I force myself to beat them 110% and then some.
    I’m still trying to finish FFX 100%, need a couple more secret weapons and to beat Omega Weapon in Monster Arena. I’ve got 140 hours in it so far lol, and that’s a freaking non-online ps2 title.
    But yeah I try to complete the game and all its secrets just to be content 🙂

  10. I do the same as Gogo_Z. I need the game to justify their price. In fact I got Dead Space for £15 (new copy too!) and I’ve go more out of it than some games I’ve payed the full £40 for! I ALWAYS make a good effort to finish any game I get. In fact, I think the only 4 games I never finished were Deus Ex, EndWar, Project Eden and Dark Cloud (I got to the last boss and my data became corrupted grr).

  11. The last game I “beat” was Fallout 3…and with “beat” I mean really 100%. I visited every place, I did every quest/non-listed-quest and I got every achievement. (That includes finishing all DLC content)

    I’m working on achieving everything in GTA4 but my spare time is limited due to my job and my girlfriend. RL > Games.

    I completely disagree with you. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to insult you or anything ;)) I find that the characters in GTA4 are the most believable characters I’ve seen in games EVER. (My humble opinion :D)
    I really can’t stand those “OH it’s dat hero dat doesn’t talk but has a gun”-games anymore. (Half-Life, anyone?)

  12. @SkubaPatr0l

    I’m a little sad to hear you never finished Deus Ex. Easily one of my favourite games (if not THE) still to this day.


    I think everyone can agree that what Rockstar did with GTAIV was leaps and bounds greater than San Andreas in terms of character development and believability. It was as revolutionary for the series as GTAIII was compared to I and II.

    It might not be the greatest game, and certainly is overrated (no matter how great it is). The physics system is a great addition, the realism is an ironic twist, and some of the missions are unforgettable -Bankrobbery.

    Also, please never step on Half-Life again!

  13. @ Neckon,

    the half-life series has great characters. look at Alyx and eli vance. I am not saying that half-life has better characters than GTA4 I am just saying that you should not say half-life has bland characters because Gordon Freeman doesn’t talk 😀


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