3D Dot Game Heroes is 3 Degrees of Awesome

So what happens when you create a role-playing game in the vein of old school pixelated JRPG’s… only you build it in 3D out of blocks? Why, you get 3D Dot Gamer Heroes, a PS3 exclusive coming out later this year in Japan. I have no idea if/when this game is coming out in the US, but please, for the love of all things holy, I can has?

Tell me that this trailer doesn’t make you nostalgic for games long forgotten. I dare you.


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9 thoughts on “3D Dot Game Heroes is 3 Degrees of Awesome”

  1. DUDE! Woah my god…It’s like my childhood playing Zelda except with mini-legos or something. Best. Thing. Ever.

  2. Dang, Zeekar beat me to it. I got such a strong old-school Zelda vibe from this trailer. The music, the atmosphere, the art direction…man, I really hope this comes out in North America.

  3. It looks almost exactly like zelda. how the item floats above your head when you get it, the puzzles in the dungens, the atmosphere/world, falling boulders, THE CHICKENS!!! What other retro game has tons of chickens come out of nowhere and attack you?

  4. Yup, the music was absolutely Zelda-esque. I really hope that bad english at the beginning was done on purpose, it gave me much laughs of strong force.

    Looks like fun!

  5. I will buy this game if it comes out here in America.

    I already plan on buying a Playstation 3, one of the new slim ones, when I get some money. I still have my PS2 so I wont worry about compatibility.

    This game totally brings a new twist to old style games. The creators should be proud.

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