Meet the Team: Borderlands

If there’s one game coming out this holiday that has style leaking out of its cel-shaded ears, it’s Borderlands. In this new trailer for the upcoming FPS-RPG, we’re introduced to the various characters that we’ll be controlling as we explore the wasteland looking for sweet guns. There’s plenty of gory game-play (censored to tantalize you) and awesome music packed into this video, so check it out.

Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford, notable for being slightly outspoken about his games, has said that he thinks Borderlands has the moxie to stand up to the big dogs this Christmas, and based on this trailer, he might be right. We’ve looked at this game before at GamerSushi, but I just couldn’t pass up sharing this trailer with you guys. I’m picking this up on PC for sure.

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7 thoughts on “Meet the Team: Borderlands”

  1. When it was announced that it would be cel-shaded I did not think it could this cool and pull off the style but I need to reaccess that idea, cause thia trailer is sick. definitely going to buy it.

  2. I kinda think this may be a game I pick up for PC…I am assuming its running on STEAM correct?

    I just dont know, it seems like it could be super fun. Id love to see it played first before I pick it up though. Same is going with ODST.
    I like the cell-shading, reminds me of Jet Set Radio Future, the last cell shaded game I played and liked.

    Who is getting it for what system? Thats the debate now…I have people to play it with on both PC and Xbox. Im stuck between which to choose…

  3. @ Sean, I’m getting it for PS3 as analogue sticks are > WASD and mouse and HD instalation is awesome (I kid, I kid! lol) and for the reason of I can’t use the PC for games.

  4. Almost had to beat you to death with your own shoes SkubaPatr0l! (I too, kid).

    Looks like fun, hope they’s guys get some nods for the art direction.

  5. @ Julez, I was worried for a minute there! My shoes are tough stuff lol. I hope it supports Mouse and Keyboard on consoles. I used to hate it but ever since playing HL2 and TF2 I’ve gotten used to it. I REALLY hope (though sincerely doubt) more PS3 games will be compatible with a mouse and keyboard.

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