Just Cause 2 and Vertical Gameplay

One of the best demos I’ve ever played for a game was the one for Just Cause. While the game itself ended up being a bit repetitive, the demo showcased just enough to really make you want more. To me, the free-falling/parachuting mechanic was some of the most fun “flying” gameplay I had experienced since the wing cap in Mario 64. An open world game that allowed you to leap from car to car, or even jump up into helicopters, Just Cause made you a ridiculous action star, and had some promise, which is why I’m excited about the sequel.

The new edition to the franchise drops in 2010, and so far, it’s shaping up to be a hell of a ride. This vertical gameplay trailer really showcases some of the things you can do, and the thought of hook-shotting my way up skyscrapers and then leaping off of them gets my do want meter going. What do you guys think? Who here played the first game?

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9 thoughts on “Just Cause 2 and Vertical Gameplay”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since that video came out around E3 showing the main character jumping off a skyscraper on top of a mountain, grappling onto a boat, then parachuting into a military base. It’s Mercenaries 2 on crack. I’m picking this up for sure.

  2. This game looks ridiculous. Spider-man meets James Bond almost…

    I’m not sure I can really suspend disbelief on this one though…Where is his parachute coming out from and how does it retract back into his…well, back? I see no backpack. Also the lines of the chute never snag even when floating through trees?

    I don’t know. If it’s fun enough that the realism doesn’t matter I’ll be happy.

  3. The first one was okay, but FLAWED. It’s a game you felt had maybe too much ambition for the hardware. That said, it sure did make good use of a PS2!

  4. To be honest my only turnoff from that demo was really the improbability of the gameplay. Parachuting around like that would make you a pretty easy target, but that is being WAY too picky.

    I think that the game would be fun, but I think it looks to me like a game you rent. Depending on how large the world is would depend on the replay value of the game. Exploration on that looks like it could be MASSIVE, giving it some extra on the replay.

    Id need to know more before I picked it up

  5. [quote comment=”8455″]Hey guys: it’s a video game. Realism only makes games suck. See GTA IV for an example.[/quote]
    GTA4 didn’t suck, it was just a let down. Admitted, though, its bastard son Saints Row 2 was much better.
    Guess which one of these games let you spray shit onto houses from a septic truck, and which one made you date your cousin every five minutes.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever played a realistic game that was also fun… Oh Wait! The plasmids from Bioshock were just like the ones I had in highschool!

    I agree with Eddy, I remember playing the crap outta the first Just Cause demo. I should probably snipe it from a bargain bin. This looks like a lot of fun.

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