L4D2 Boycotters Given the Star Treatment

valveAh, the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott. One of the sillier boycotts around. Even though the footage from the new game is continuing to look better and better, and news of DLC for the first game is still pumping out, yes, the boycott for the sequel continues. While the official Steam group is content on making noise, Valve so far has done very little in terms of an official response, until now.

Apparently, the video game developer flew out the leaders of the boycott to get some hands-on time with Left 4 Dead 2, and even to see some of the behind-the-scenes info regarding the new DLC. I have to say, that’s about as good of a response as a boycotting group can hope to get, so major props to go those guys.

The funniest thing to me about the whole deal is the comments and accusations from fellow boycotters, accusing the leaders of selling out by going to Valve. Isn’t this the kind of thing you want to see from the developer? Anywho, I know we’ve talked about it before, but what do you guys think of Valve flying out these dudes to check out Left 4 Dead 2?

Source- L4D2 Boycott Steam Group

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9 thoughts on “L4D2 Boycotters Given the Star Treatment”

  1. Valve themselves have said that boycotter’s have genuine concerns, which is obviously why they did this.

    I’m in the boycotter group and I won’t be buying it for one simple reason. A year ago when I spent £40 on L4D with promises of various maps and weapons and what not Valve were already working on a sequel that, thanks to the $1=€1, will cost me around £50.

    I don’t know why you call it stupid, if you read the entire manifesto of the group it makes a hell lot of sense. Again though I wouldn’t call myself an active boycotter, I just think the entire situation could be resolved if valve took a year off to make Episode 3 and then came back to L4D2.

    Or hell, just call it L4D: Daylight Zombies, mark it down to $20/£15 and be praised like gods again by teatime.

  2. Agree with SK Beans. A great response from Valve. I think that’s the best way to take care of cry-babies, fly them out and let their fanboyism come flooding back.

  3. @James Freeman: I didn’t call it stupid, but every developer does this with sequels. I mean, nobody’s pitching a fit that Halo: Reach is coming out next year and Halo: ODST is coming out this year, you know?

  4. Oh man, these guys have it made in the shade! What a scam! Start a phony boycott, and get invited out to Valve to play it before it’s even out.

    It’s a neat way to solve problems with your fan base, I’ll give Valve that. I’m buying Left 4 Dead 2 anyways, but this would have solved the problems, had I had any.

    Also, why is Gabe’s shirt always stained in the photos I see of him?

  5. [quote comment=”8407″]

    Also, why is Gabe’s shirt always stained in the photos I see of him?[/quote]

    Too many burgers maybe. Is it just me (and my friends), but does anyone else think Gabe Newell looks a bit like Peter Griffin? Even just a little bit?

  6. @Eddy

    Sorry, silly was the word you used. My mistake.

    I actually have no idea what either of those games are, sorry. But I imagine they aren’t both major epic games like Half-Life 1/2, Mass effect 1/2, Bioshock 1/2 etc.

    We are talking about Valve, imagine if they released Half-Life 2 in 1999 with updated graphics and some new weapons. As much as some people would hate to admit it the gaming world as we know it would be a very different place.

    Again, read the manifesto. Valve made a lot of promises that they have yet to keep and they made said promises whilst they were already working on a sequel. There’s a video on it called Lies 4 $$$ or something.

    But I really hate pointless arguments over the internet, it can all be summarized by a Jim Carrey Quote – “So what I am going to do is piss and moan like an impotent jerk and then bend over and take it up the tailpipe!”

  7. I didn’t mind this boycott when it started out, as we weren’t sure if L4D2 was a clone or not. Now that I’ve seen a lot of improvements (in particular, the new AI Director which most likely could not be changed by a simple DLC) in the sequel, I’m satisfied that L4D2 will be worth a trade-in of L4D1. Of course Valve said they’ll still support L4D1, which means I might instead trade-in another game, but we’ll see. Either way, I am indeed pumped for L4D2.
    Anyway, this boycott is no longer justifiable. I am totally for fans wanting more content for their games (even if a boycott is quite extreme in any situation) and its great that Valve has delivered, but the time for the L4D2 boycott has ended. I was expecting it to end when I read the headline of this article, but alas them boy[cott]-loving pedophiles are determined to be noobish griefing assholes. Shut up, Valve is awesome, Gordon Freeman, end of story.

  8. @ James Freeman –

    Jim Carrey is my Hero. You made my day.

    @ The subject – This is a sweet response by Valve. I’m interested to see what the boycott kids had to say after seeing the game in person. I don’t think anyone could walk into Valve and sit infront of them and play a game, and still have the balls to say “this isn’t worth buying”: internets makes for eConfidence!

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