Microsoft Charging for New Left 4 Dead Content


Poor Valve, they just can’t seem to catch a break. Hot on the heels of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott debacle and the newly brewing Team Fortress 2 item-deletion snafu comes the news that the new Left 4 Dead campaign, Crash Course, is going to be free for PC users, but will cost 560 Microsoft Banana Bucks for 360 users.

Is Valve heading for another ill-deserved boycott? Maybe not, says Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek. According to Chet, the decision to charge for the X-Box 360 mission lies solely with Microsoft. As Mr. Faliszek tells it, Steam is Valve’s distribution platform, so they can charge whatever they want, even give stuff away for free. Microsoft of course owns LIVE, so pricing for downloadable content there is a whole different ball game.

Left 4 Dead was a huge hit on X-Box LIVE and still commands a loyal fan-base, even if it doesn’t chart in Major Nelson’s top ten LIVE games anymore. The majority of Left 4 Dead players probably won’t know that their PC cousins are getting a new map for free, but for those who do know, I’m sure this is going to be a major bone of contention going into Left 4 Dead 2.

I never could get into Left 4 Dead on 360, I just prefer the PC for that game. Unless I miss my guess, I’m sure that a few of you guys have played it on the 360, so what’s it going to be? Are you going to pass on Crash Course and wait for Left 4 Dead 2, or have you sworn off the whole franchise altogether?

Source: Destructoid

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13 thoughts on “Microsoft Charging for New Left 4 Dead Content”

  1. I had to get L4D on console for some reasons, shitty computer, friends and such, but no way in hell am i paying for that extra content. seriously Microsoft, stop being money whores, you didnt even make the new campaign. Ill wait for L4D2, and just upgrade my computer. i need to anyway.

  2. Why would I want to buy L4D content when L4D2 is on the way in November? It should have came when the Survival Pack came out, because the Survival Pack was “okay” at best. Now when L4D2 is right around the corner, they decide to release some DLC with some decent content? Valve seems to have screwed this situation up.

  3. well, I have it on both PC and 360, but the only reason I have it on 360 is that one of my friends has it for it, and we played it a bit.
    But no, I’m just gonna get CC for the PC. I’m done paying for stuff on 360 besides WaW map packs and Splinter Cell stuff.
    oh, and a lightsaber for my Avatar!!!=D

  4. Steam wins again. I can’t imagine playing that fast-paced of an FPSSurvival game on a frickin’ console controller.

    It is odd that this release comes so close to L4D2, maybe they’re hoping it’ll reignite the flame of lust of the franchise so that people will be more willing to purchase the 2nd game.

  5. Microsoft haven’t just shot themselves in the foot, they’ve blown it clean off. If Valve charged for it too then it would make sense but this shows how much of a loot whore Microsft is.

  6. Damn you Microsofts!! I’m not going to get Crash Course, but it’s not because of money concerns – it’s cuz I’m not going to really play L4D anymore. Once L4D2 comes out I might trade it in, or not since Valve said they’re going to keep adding content to L4D. Of course they promised other things too. lol

  7. [quote comment=”8349″]I can’t imagine playing that fast-paced of an FPSSurvival game on a frickin’ console controller.[/quote]

    It’s not hard at all…and I play TF2 on PC. I have no difficulty at all playing L4D on the Xbox. Leave the console hate at the door, yeah?

    Microsoft really pissed me off with this one. I thought if they had the Survival Pack for free, they may make Crash Course free…but Microsoft can’t live without making themselves 0.0001% richer off of something. Sorry Valve…Microsoft are money whores, unlike you guys. At least the game we know and love is there.

    Now all I have to decide is whether or not to plunk down the points. Depends on if my friends get the campaign.

  8. @Sinister. No console hate here, just don’t understand why anyone would choose to play a game like that with a controller instead of keyboard/mouse. To each his own.. but seriously.

  9. because two analogs can be easier than a WASD set and mouse? its really easy to play on a console controller. all the buttons are right there. simple and easier that a keyboard

  10. @Julez: Fair enough, I got that vibe from your use of “frickin'” and well…you know where it went from there.

    Maybe they got it for Xbox because they don’t have a computer, their friends have it, or some other reason. Controllers work just fine. Hell, I don’t see why they’d give you options in the PC version to do so if it didn’t. It may not be as precise or fast, but to say controllers don’t work for this sort of game is flat out wrong.

  11. Absolutely man! I didnt mean to say they don’t work at all. Before I ever had a PC I also loved shooters on Console. What I meant is that ever since I had a mouse and Keyboard I can’t imagine going back to a controller. Like I said, to each his own!

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