Dead Space: Extraction Developer Diary Brings the Fear

One game that seems to be slipping under everyone’s radar this holiday season is Dead Space: Extraction, an on-rails prequel to last year’s surprise hit. Visceral Games is making every effort to ensure that their Wii based outing is set to match up with the chills and thrills that players felt when they explored the USG Ishimura as Isaac Clarke.

On-rail shooters definitely play to the Wii’s strengths, and the transfer from the 360 and PS3 doesn’t seem to have affected the awesome atmosphere of the derelict ship we all know and fear. Check it out:


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3 thoughts on “Dead Space: Extraction Developer Diary Brings the Fear”

  1. I am playing Dead Space now and as much as I like it, an on-rails shooter is not something I am really interested in. The rails Resident Evil game was so boring to me.

  2. I gotta admit that this is really looking awesome. It’s like a horror movie but If I jump, I die! The voice acting sounds awesome as well as what I herby dub “mental moments”. “Oh look its an ice dispenser, I can have a nice cool beverOH SHIT NOW THE ENTIRE ROOM IS MADE OF ICE INCLUDING ME”

    I feel this will defiantly be one of those games that has a fine line between being a complete failure and an epic game. I also formally put in a request for a GamerSushi review once it comes out. mostly because it’s the only Wii game any of you seem slightly interested in. It may also give you a chance to actually make use of all the grades under D 🙂

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