Red vs Blue Meets ODST

I’m sure that many of you are at least somewhat familiar with Red vs Blue, the popular Halo machinima series from Rooster Teeth. Well, it seems the guys got a bit of time to do a ODST crossover with their series. Check out the first segment. As I’ve said before on this site, I’ve been mostly unimpressed with this game until very recently with the “firefight” footage, which is basically horde mode from Gears of War 2. It looks awesome.


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3 thoughts on “Red vs Blue Meets ODST”

  1. I think Fire Fight will over-take traditional Halo 3 multi-player for quite some time. It’s got everything: a competitive edge, co-op and steadily increasing challenges.

    I enjoy RT’s videos, but nothing can top their episode from way back when Sarge and Caboose got trapped in a multi-player match. That was gold.

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