Modern Warfare 2 Continues to Look Hot

Infinity Ward has released another Modern Warfare 2 multi-player footage video, and I can’t believe how amazing this game looks. The user interface has been completely changed, and the new blood splatter effect that replaces the traditional pulsing red screen when you’re wounded is pretty slick. The guns also look a lot more detailed, and the player models have gotten a complete over-haul. With a good engine in place from CoD 4, it looks like Infinity Ward went a little wild, and we all get to reap the benefits.

Just like the last multiplayer video IW released, this preview is chock-a-block full of little hidden clues as to what you can expect when the game launches November 10th. Keep your eyes peeled after the video “ends” for a nice little surprise.


Here’s something I’m wondering, though. With Modern Warfare being released on three platforms (360, PC and PS3), will it outperform Halo 3:ODST on sales, or will the power of Halo continue to shine through?

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  1. Yes! Host migration! One of the main reasons why I could not stand COD’s only is because of no host migration. That and the terrible party system, hopefully that’s fixed too.

  2. I don’t understand why, but I just can’t get excited for this. The shooting looks awesome, the environments look awesome, the animations, the models, the textures, all look awesome, but … it just isn’t clicking with me. I’ll probably still buy it when it goes on sale via steam, but I guess it’s not my style.

    Which is odd – I loved the original.

  3. CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2 seems to get more awesome with every bit of news that comes out.

    I doubt I will play multiplayer much though, I don’t mix well with the average COD4 MP player. Unlike them I know how to turn my microphone OFF as well as on!

  4. OMGASM!!!!!!!!!
    Alright, so new weapons or confirmed ones: SCAR-H, RPD (on the ground near the second enemy in the video), MP5K, AUG HBAR, AA-12, TAR-21, UMP, and USP .45. That weapon in the last part looks like a Kriss SMG, and the sniper sounded like a Barrett M107. Plus, Throwing Knives! New killstreaks are here, Air Drop and Predator Missile, and the 4-killstreak. Since this player only got 3-, 4-, and 5-killstreaks but more kills afterwards, it’s safe to assume you can only select 3 of the 15 available killstreaks. Alright, keeps things fair. “Bling” appeared at the end of some of the weapons, like that SCAR-H Bling. I’m guessing it’s a Golden camo but Bling is available for all weapons. Awesome! Also at the end, before the guy killed the sniper, the UAV turned fuzzy, but when the sniper was killed, the killer’s UAV became clear again. Either this is a killstreak or an improved UAV Jammer perk. I’m leaning towards a new KILLSTREAK because it’s quite a powerful tool. And finally, new playercards appear with each kill. I’m assuming those “Surgical”, “Suppressor”, “Specialist”, “Silent Veteran”, etc. tags are summaries of your play style.
    I seriously can’t wait for MW2. This footage is AWESOME! and I can’t wait for more!!! OMGASM! SPLOOOOORGE!! GWAAAAH!!

  5. CoD will blow past ODST. ODST looks fun, but its $60 for the same guns, at least the ones Ive seen. i haven’t thoroughly researched it, but its precious gaming money for just a branch out of an already established story. and CoD4s multiplayer was some of the best ive ever played, and this looks even better, like the original on steroids. Cod all the way

  6. LOLed at knives! My guess as to why they’ve uped the score you get per kill is because there will be more ranks (for fitting in all the new perks and weapons), but with higher score per kill it just won’t take as long. Or something like that.
    @ Cossack, me again to talk about guns! I doubt that was the SCAR as the Bushmaster is the American’s ripped-off version of it. Just guessing they’ll only need one of the same gun.

  7. Also, I think I saw the Israeli’s new Bullpup rifle, can’t remember it’s name but it’s good to see it inthere. Also, the rifle at the end had both some sort of a reflex sight and I THINK a suppressor. Multiple attachments plox?

  8. @ Cossack – LOL, it seems like you have too much time to break down video! I used to be all about weapons IRL too, but damn; you just know too much for your own good. ITS A GAME DOOD!

    Either way, the game will be AWESOME; I find it funny that the demo was shown through a 360 though hahaha… PC Footage should have been the choice. It’s an FPS damnit.

  9. @ Julez: Uh, lol, it’s called reading the weapon pickup prompts. But yeah, I am a gun nut.
    I also forgot to mention that those Riot Shields look like the new Juggernaut, but I’m sure they’ll keep Juggy for all those noobs who don’t like dying when you shoot em in the damn head. lol

  10. @ Cossack, juggy is rumoured to be out and you’re not able to shoot with a riot sheild so it looks well balanced 😀 Also I was doing the same thing looking at each gun. The UMP had an ‘extended clip’ so it’ll be like drum mags in W@W. Also at your earlier comment, the M107/M82A1 (they’re both the same lol) may have been an M95. I’m just going by the VERY small and blurry glimpse I got lol.

  11. @ Skuba: Yeah, I watched some analysis vids, and some guess that the Riot Shield will be a sidearm, while some say it’s an equipment item. But yeah, you won’t be able to fire your weapon while using the shield. Thank you IW for listening to your players! I think the Riot Shield is better than Juggy since, 1, it’s less cheap, and 2, it encourages strategy and teamwork, which I think will make for some awesome Search and Destroy.
    Also, I forgot to mention some of the new attachments, like the extended mags, like you said, but I also saw “FMJ” on the TAR-21 [FMJ]. FMJ if you don’t know means Full Metal Jacket, so it is probably an attachment that increases damage or something at the expense of more recoil. Can’t say for now. Also, that Kriss looked like it had a Red Dot Sight as well as a Suppressor, so it seems that Double Attachments will be coming to MW2! Awesome!! I bet they’ll make it so you can’t have Overkill with the Double Attachment perk, but who knows.

  12. @Cossack: I dont think that the FMJ perk will be a trade off of damage for recoil, because none of the other perks have down sides, at least in the first. you dont run slower with juggernaut or anything.
    As for the Riot Shields, i hope it takes a while to put it away and take out your gun, because its annoying as hell in CS.

  13. @ Cossack
    I doubt that FMJ bullets would do more damage as they are designed as armour piercing rounds which, as any gun nut knows, are less effective against infantry as they just pass through them rather than expanding on impact. My guess is that they’ve either removed the ‘Deep Impact’ perk or else it just acts as a multiplier so having both means it passes through more walls OR riot shields!

  14. @ Glebe and Skuba: yeah, FMJ will probably increase the range of the bullets and/or increase damage to riot shields. We’ll see!

  15. Mind = blown. Throwing knives…actual effective use for knives…looks awesome, glad I preordered Prestige.

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