Final Fantasy XIII Combat Walkthrough

Are you eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIII but still aren’t too clear on its new combat system? Here’s a nice little video out of Gamescom that gives a short and sweet overview of the fighting mechanics of the next Final Fantasy. The English localization is still being worked on, but I’d imagine that this game is (finally) close to being done.

I’ve never actually played a Final Fantasy game, so I’m excited to give this a whirl. Who else is going to sink their time into some J-RPG goodness?

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11 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Combat Walkthrough”

  1. If the European subtitles are done, does that mean we’ll get it in 2010? Preferably close to the american release. As long as it’s not like SS:BB. Dear god that was a long and over-hyped wait.

  2. [quote comment=”8264″]Anthony> That’s debatable. X & X2 anyone?[/quote]

    Both of them great games. Not my favorite, but they were not BAD by any means.

  3. Not bad is a far cry from great, but I’d still argue that X was mediocre at best and X2 was an abomination in vidjeogame form.

    I haven’t heard good things about XII either, but I chose to skip it so I’m not allowed an opinion on that one.

    I allow a few rotten eggs, though; As you said, FF has always been consistently solid.

  4. I don’t think X is one of the best ones, but I do think its a great gamer, better than most JRPGs out there.

    X-2 is also a great game with a very fun job system.

    XII is amazing, one of the best all time.

  5. X was the first one I played. I tought it was really good. It has a better battle system than VII’s. There I said it. Go ahead and tumbs-down me see if I care. >:( grrrrrr

  6. Meh, I can’t stand JRPG’s. Their stories are so bland and generic, and way too far fetched. Not to mention the combat is very, boring. Give me some Fallout and Mass Effect or KOTOR, those are far better.

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